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Curious about investing in Safemoon? Our partners explain what Safemoon is and how you can get involved.

Who and what is SafeMoon?

Launched in March 2021, SafeMoon got its start in Utah, with the vision of a new paradigm for business. In a time when the world was embroiled in turmoil, SafeMoon envisioned using blockchain and cryptocurrency as an ecosystem for community-driven innovations. 

The company set out to create a suite of technology products that could propel new achievements and create new ways for communities of participants to exchange and amplify reciprocal value. The “why” for this accelerated value was its ability to harness the power of collaboration, to drive impact in bigger and better ways through a model of Venture Philanthropy (creating impact through ventures that produce an ROI, to fund additional growth) and to use this model to create a brighter future for people and communities in every part of the world. 

A different kind of technology business

Strictly speaking, SafeMoon is a human-focused technology and innovation company that is building blockchain, metaverse, and NFT products to derive new kinds of value from the merging of mature and emerging crypto technology and to apply it to increasingly better use. The first products – The SafeMoon protocol for purchasing and holding tokens, and an accompanying wallet technology – have met with massive acceptance by participants ranging from crypto enthusiasts and investors to community watchers and the “crypto curious” who haven’t directly experienced this technology before. 

SafeMoon’s participants are united in their vision for the increasingly greater potential for collaborative value and decentralized finance (DeFi) technology to propel greater innovations and better outcomes than have ever been possible before. 

With a name that carries a literal meaning of “Safely to the Moon,” the company’s ambitions extend far beyond terrestrial bounds.

The press has lauded SafeMoon as one of the most successful launches of 2021, but has done so for inaccurate reasons, founder John Karony believes. In the media, the company has been incorrectly presented as an #AltCoin or #MemeCoins that are not tied to any real utility but are measured by the metrics of token purchase and rising capitalization.  

For Karony and his team, SafeMoon’s purpose is the creation of a newer paradigm for business — a model that accomplishes light-speed growth through collaborative agreements that provide shared value to participating partners. SafeMoon envisions new and innovative ways that eliminate many of the limitations of traditional currency exchange and funding. Through the development of Venture Philanthropy projects that provide positive impacts while also producing an ROI allowing the further development of projects to create as much impact as possible while funding the company’s additional and future growth. 

Within this ecosystem, SafeMoon channels the power of community to propel and advance new innovations very quickly, within a model that accomplishes massively greater levels of technology development (and world-improving impacts) within comparatively short periods of time. 

Karony measures the company on two points only: 1) the size of its burgeoning user community, and 2) the ability to marshal the strength of the growing #SAFEMOONARMY to accomplish innovation for good. When measured by these criteria, SafeMoon has risen from its launch perhaps faster than any other organization in history. At the turn of the year to 2022, the community is multiple millions strong. 

From here, the Company is addressing the second part of its goal – the expansion and channeling of its technology to propel new innovations for good, and a Venture Philanthropy model to advance those innovations to every part of the world.

“In terms of our strategy and focus in measuring our growth by user acquisition, we’re somewhere between the paths of Amazon and Tesla,” Karony says. “We’ve accomplished a level of community growth within months that took Bitcoin, for example, several years to achieve. But this is only the first part of our mission. Now we’re determined to make our ultimate mark by using our collaborative model and our community-inspired technological advances to accomplish increasingly higher and better impacts for good – and with the help of our #SAFEMOONARMY to propel those advances further and faster than has ever been accomplished before to make these impacts available not only for a chosen few, as individual initiatives or programs but to everyone who needs them in every part of the world.” 

How can people get involved with Safemoon?

For those who are interested in getting more involved with SafeMoon, the company suggests the following: 

  • Join the community Discord channel and social media communities
  • Access the company’s free blockchain education  
  • Attend the company’s events (both online and real world) 
  • Use the SafeMoon wallet and SWAP 
  • Use the SafeMoon exchange when it launches 
  • Apply to list your project or to begin a collaboration with SafeMoon 

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