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HR Achievement

Utah Business and Utah SHRM are proud to partner on this year’s HR Achievement Awards.

This event honors those individuals who are changing the way we hire, develop, nurture, and retain our state’s best talent and will be held April 2021 at The Grand America Hotel.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available for organizations wishing to get in front of this unique group of individuals. Contact Lynnette Cloward at 801-839-1411 or lcloward@utahbusiness.com for more information.

Nominations for the program are accepted from December 7th- January 22nd, 2021

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**Nominees must be located in Utah to be considered. 

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    Please nominate a human resources professional (including yourself) who you believe exhibits excellence in the field of human resources in a strategic way, positively impacting an organization, or in a larger Human Resources community. Please respond to as many of the following criteria as the nominee has demonstrated (preferably 7 of the 10).

    How has the nominee worked to align Human Resources work, projects, and goals with an organization's strategy, vision, and the needs of the business?

    In what ways has the nominee contributed to the higher performance of an organization through innovative talent management techniques and/or world-class talent initiative(s)?

    How has the nominee prepared an organization for the future challenges facing its industry, environment, and/or labor market?

    Describe when and how the nominee provided guidance or influence on new ways of doing business to improve an organization's operations.

    Describe how the nominee acted as a trusted, ethical compass of an organization; doing not only what is standard or required by law, but doing what's right for employees, customers, the community, etc.

    How has the nominee leveraged and/or adopted new technology to make Human Resources more efficient and accurate in an organization's day-to-day operations?

    How has the nominee empowered, engaged, developed, and/or mentored other Human Resources professionals, either within an organization, or in a larger Human Resources community?

    How has the nominee empowered, engaged, developed, and/or mentored executives, managers, and/or supervisors within an organization?

    What initiatives and/or efforts has the nominee led to develop, model, and sustain a company's culture, diversity/inclusion initiatives, and/or other workplace values, principles, and beliefs?

    What are some of the ways the nominee has addressed complex, unforeseen, and/or unique challenges facing an organization, or mitigated the adverse effects of these challenges?

    Please provide any additional information about the nominee not yet addressed above, that you believe to be relevant to this individual's nomination.

    DisruptHR - Sponsored "HR Disruptor of the Year"

    DisruptHR promotes an exchange of information designed to energize, inform and empower executives, business leaders, and people in the HR field, built on the belief that past approaches to people and talent won't necessarily be the best way to approach it in the future. Nominees are the risk takers, the experimenters, and the recognized innovators who set the pace for the work environment of the future.

    With this philosophy in mind, explain how the nominee has Disrupt(ed) workplace and talent practices within an organization, an executive team, and/or in a larger business community, demonstrating earning the distinction of HR Disruptor of the Year?