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2024 Outstanding Directors

2024 Outstanding Directors

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Every year, Utah Business and NACD Utah honor the board members of companies, nonprofits and organizations for their inspiring work behind the scenes to create lasting innovation and growth for future generations. Congratulations to the 2024 Outstanding Directors honorees!

2024 Outstanding Directors photographed by Jon Hague Photos for Utah Business

2024 Outstanding Directors

Venture Capital

Ryan Sanders | Managing Director | Mercato Partners |

Private Company

Dallas H. Bradford | Chairman, Board of Directors | WCF Insurance

Public Company

Heather Zynczak | Board Director |


Lew Cramer | CEO | Colliers Utah |

Lifetime Achievement

Gary Crittenden | Executive Director | HGGC, Inc. |  

Nonprofit Board of the Year

YWCA Utah |

2024 Selection Committee

Val Oveson | Board Chair | NACD Utah |

Peggy Larsen | Committee Chair | NACD Utah |

Deborah Bayle | Board Member | NACD Utah |

Spencer Hoole | Board Member | NACD Utah |

Sara Jones | Board Member | NACD Utah |

Daniel Stevenson | Board Member | NACD Utah |

Sunny Sanyal | Board Member | NACD Utah |

Access honoree photos from the event here.

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