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2024 Outstanding Directors

Lew Cramer | 2024 Outstanding Directors

2024 Outstanding Directors
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CEO | Colliers Utah |

Currently a board member for:

World Trade Center Utah (WTC Utah), Envision Utah, Salt Lake Chamber, US Friends of AMAR, Hale Center Theatre, Tuacahn Center for the Arts

How have you seen a board contribute to the strategy of a company?

Our broadly experienced WTC Utah board has worked closely with our excellent WTC Utah officials to strategically identify Utah sectors, companies and individuals that can benefit from the expanded global training and connections WTC Utah is providing. 

What important asset can an individual bring to a board? 

Informed, objective and thoughtful judgment about the future direction of the company, given the current challenges and opportunities every company faces.

What should companies look for in a board member to ensure a great cultural fit?

I would recommend looking for a board member who has enthusiasm, expertise, time availability and a willingness to work with other board members and company employees to achieve the company’s goals. Find someone willing to share contacts, resources and personal wisdom for the benefit of the whole board and company.

What do you know now that you wish you better understood when you took your first board seat?

The power of diverse opinions, the need for various and sometimes contrary viewpoints, and the necessity of an overarching willingness to work together so the board and company succeed.

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