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2024 Outstanding Directors

YWCA Utah | 2024 Outstanding Directors

2024 Outstanding Directors

Nonprofit Board of the Year

Liz Owens | CEO, Ex Officio

Shawna Cuan | Chair 

Wendy Hobson-Rohrer | Vice Chair

Shireen Ghorbani | Chair Elect

Lisa Brown Miranda | Secretary

Petrina Youhan | Treasurer

Ashley Anderson

Lisa Andrues

Luna Banuri

Neelam Chand

Pam Giles

Lori Harding

Kathryn Holmes

Marika Jones

Monet Maggelet

Selma Mlikota

Lynne Nilson

Danielle Norman

Nicole Salazar-Hall

How does the board contribute to the strategy of the company?

The board has worked closely with leadership at YWCA to advance strategic planning and ensure that the YWCA is well positioned to continue to meet the needs of our community. 

What important asset can an individual bring to a board? 

When someone is committed to a vision for an organization, it gives them the freedom to bring forward unique insights and resources that are meaningful and impactful to that individual. Someone may be fantastic at fundraising for a board while others contribute mentorship and advice to senior leadership. We’re ultimately centered around the YWCA’s missions to eliminate racism and empower women — that creates cohesiveness in our work and purpose for each board member.

What should directors understand before taking a board seat? 

Don’t be afraid to reach out and lean on those around you. Serving on a board can be intimidating; many people face imposter syndrome. Do the best you can and put your best foot forward to show your value to the organization.

What should companies look for in a board member to ensure a great cultural fit?

Take your time to cultivate relationships that will assist in bringing a diversity of thought and experience to the table.

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