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You Should Really Have A Mentor

Is the idea of having a mentor a foreign idea? Or, instead, are you one of the people who work with your mentor every day? Either way, the simple truth is that when you have a mentor, you’ll be more successful, both professionally and personally. 

Mentors can help you achieve goals in a variety of ways. Mentors offer experience and expose you perspectives you weren’t already aware of―and that’s why we need them.Overall, the concept of having a mentor means different things to different people. The entrepreneur―one who possibly strives to work and create on their own―will work with their mentor differently than, say, an MBA student. 

Having a mentor is important because we are human. We get tired emotionally and physically. We hit roadblocks. We set unrealistic goals, fall short, then beat ourselves up. And when these things happen, mentors are there to help alter, and construct our paths to best help us succeed. To pick us back up and get going again. No matter your career, there are several reasons to consider mentorship.

Mentors Bring Success

You’re more likely to succeed with the help of a mentor, and the statistics prove it. In 2013, an executive coaching survey showed that 80 percent of CEOs said they had some form of mentorship in their lives. In a separate study by Sage, 93 percent of startup founders stated that some form of mentorship helped them find more success. 

It’s easy to amplify your success by having a mentor. Through valuable connections, specific advice, and accountability, a mentor can be a huge key to climbing the proverbial ladder. FileVine CEO, Ryan Anderson, knows a thing or two about the kind of success mentors bring. In fact, because of mentors, his company was able to quadruple its workforce and obtain millions in funding the past two years.

“In our early days at this company, I was on the phones, cold calling, going door to door, trying to close important deals, but it’s difficult to close deals on the phone. My mentor told me if I wanted to close and make the sale, it was time to jump on an airplane; show your face. The idea was so easy, so simple, and it helped triple our sales in just a few short months.”

And Experience You Won’t Find In Any Book

You can attend class until your wallet is empty, but you won’t find certain aspects of business success inside of a book. Having a mentor is crucial to your career because there are ample opportunities to learn and grow from another’s experience. Some aspects of life are too sacred or personal to share in a book, but with a mentor, you’re certain to hear those stories firsthand. 

“Having a mentor means having someone who has been down the same roads you’re doing down,” Anderson stated when discussing the importance of mentorship. “They could see problems before I saw them and would help me course-correct before I made a poor decision.” 

They’ll Help Expand Your Network

Speaking of valuable connections, having the right mentor can instantly expand your network. A successful mentor already has a vast, unlimited network of people who share in that success, people who can benefit your career. Mentors are invested in your career from day one, which means their network often becomes your network. And when the opportunity arises, they can help you gain even more experience from other successful individuals.

And Set Measurable Goals

Too often in life, we set unrealistic goals that we know we can’t accomplish, with the best of intentions. Set a high goal, something that you have to work hard to succeed. Even if you can’t reach it, you’ll still have accomplished a lot. However, when we do this too often, we start to doubt our abilities and become skeptical of ourselves. 

Anderson spoke about his goal-setting ambitions early on with his company. Initially, his goals were a little too lofty, fortunately, his mentor offered another solution.

“My mentor told me if I don’t reach these goals, it won’t just affect your enthusiasm for the business, but it can affect the morale of the entire team,” he said. “He helped me set goals that are a stretch but achievable, and we hit those goals! It was one of those conversations that still stand out for me.”

Consistent goal setting is essential for achieving new life success and it challenges us to move forward and think differently. When you and your mentor sit down and write out your goals, they will help you set goals that are measurable. They make you accountable for each one; you don’t want to let them down. A good mentor will never make you think your goals are out of reach.

Mentors can Keep You Going

Having a good mentor means having more than just a career compass. As Anderson spoke about his mentors, he said the relationship became more important on an emotional and psychological level than it did on a business level.

Your mentor can offer encouragement during times of strife. They can help you push harder and farther–both in your personal and professional life. They help you see hope, stop you from caving in. They can offer emotional support in a way that helps you see your value with those you work with as well as your family.

Seek out a mentor in your field of choice and prove to them you are worth their time. Put in the work, show you’re smart enough, and your mentor will help you amplify your success.