Sponsored: Working styles for a prosperous and sustainable future

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The latest research by IWG shows that both business leaders and employees are equally united in their concern for protecting the well-being of the planet — even at a time of almost unprecedented increases in the cost of living and conducting business. 

Climate change is a global problem, but the solution lies in the changes we can all make locally, which collectively add up to a more sustainable future for all. This means less commuting, sharing and utilizing resources better, making greener choices on the suppliers we choose and taking care of our communities. With 70 percent of workers stating their concern for the impact commuting has on the environment, the time for change is now.

“Why should companies go to the expense of providing prestige office accommodation in city centers, when there is a better way of working where their people can stay productive, they can save on overhead costs and also work in a greener way?” says IWG CEO and founder Mark Dixon.

Hybrid work is a win-win for businesses, individuals, and communities by reducing the dependency on city centers and removing the need to commute long distances. By moving to a hybrid working model, businesses could reduce their carbon footprint by up to 70 percent. As a provider, IWG also offers carbon-neutral workspaces as well as many additional programs focused on recycling, utilizing more sustainable energy and eco-friendly cleaning.

The latest community to benefit from the presence of a local flexible workspace is Clearfield, a small city located in the northern part of Utah. Future job growth is predicted to be 37.6 percent over the next 5 years, 4.1 percent higher than the US average. Conveniently positioned between two Interstate-15 exits and a 43-mile drive south to Salt Lake City makes commuting and staying connected easy.

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IWG, whose brands include Regus, Spaces, HQ and Signature, opens its first Regus: Clearfield, bringing with it flex space options that suit any type of business. Regus delivers high-quality professional office environments, meeting rooms, coworking and virtual offices.

Businesses of any kind or size can choose from a range of IWG membership options, whether they’re a multinational company with thousands of employees (IWG already works with 83 percent of the Fortune 500) or an SME, freelancer, or sole trader. Coworking desks, meeting rooms and private offices can be booked for any number of hours, days or months via the handy Regus or Spaces apps. What’s more, members can make use of IWG’s global network, with access to thousands of locations across more than 120 countries. 

The arrival of hybrid working in Utah is a boost to the local community and represents a better work-life balance for individuals looking to work closer to home, a boost for high street businesses as more people stay local, a way of working better for the bottom line of big business and a greener way of working that is better for the planet.

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