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Why impact-driven companies like Black Success Center call The Shop SLC their home

For years, people have been gathering around the water cooler to share stories and jokes with their coworkers. The magic of that interaction wasn’t in the purified water—it was in the community and camaraderie that it built. This phenomenon has evolved over time to the way companies build their culture today. Ropes courses, off-sites, holiday parties, and more make up the culture-creating activities that companies highlight when wooing new recruits and retaining current employees. 

With the shift to remote work, many companies have attempted to mirror the effect of these in-person interactions virtually with little success. The on-screen happy hour was cute and all, but it quickly lost its luster.

Today, community and culture mean something different, and the impact-driven companies are taking note and taking action. Hence why The Black Success Center, Equality Utah, and Giv Group, have all moved to The Shop Workspace in Salt Lake City.  We sat down with these leaders to learn why they made the move.

What made you choose The Shop as your home for culture and community? 

The Black Success Center: The Shop Workspace was a perfect landing space for The Utah Black Chamber as we gained momentum in our mission. After experiencing The Shop’s culture and programming, with its emphasis on inclusivity and community, we quickly realized that we were at home. The Black Success Center was born soon after and with our aligned values, it was the natural choice for our launchpad.” – James Jackson III, founder and managing partner of The Black Success Center.  

Equality Utah:The energy at The Shop is infectious. It’s exciting to share coworking space with creatives, start-ups and non-profit organizations that are creating the culture and the vibe of Utah. You can feel the energy of the cultural vanguard around every corner. We love it.”Troy Williams, executive director of Equality Utah.

Giv Group: “There’s an ease and engagement at The Shop that would take an entire HR department to recreate on one’s own. You feel at home nearly instantly here, and your crew stops having to worry about anything but the job at hand and living well. Most importantly, Giv Group chose The Shop because it shines as the most creative, mission-based, carbon-neutral coworking place to hang your sign.”Chris Parker, executive director of Giv Group.

It is the responsibility of companies to adapt in a way that is mindful of their employees’ needs and the future of their organization. Coworking spaces like The Shop ensure that not only is your team excited to work for your company, they’re excited to be a part of your company culture.

Anne Olsen is the Community Manager of The Shop Salt Lake City. A focused community builder, Anne has been working in coworking and project management for the bulk of her career. After more than a decade in Salt Lake City, she is devoted to supporting smart development and economic engagement for businesses and startups of all types. In her spare time, she can be found taking in local art, food and concerts whenever she can.