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SPV deep dive for founders

This informative webinar will take an in-depth look at how founders can avoid fundraising complications by using SPVs to create a successful model for closing equity-based investment. The session will also present other valuable tools and programs provided by BoomStartup and Assure that can help entrepreneurs through the entire fundraising process. 

About BoomStartup

Founded in 2010, BoomStartup Accelerator, a division of Assure, provides early-stage growth and investment programs for startups. BoomStartup intends to be the most inclusive accelerator in the world by leveraging an open and opt-in format, disrupting the traditional accelerator approach. We provide learning opportunities and mentoring that assist first-time founders with business maturity guidance, investment preparation, capital structuring, and investment strategies.

BoomStartup blends the flexibility and educational support native to online platforms with human encouragement and hands-on expertise from our diverse business community. The result? An action-oriented, change-making ecosystem that provides an optimal path to success for startups. BoomStartup runs a rolling merit and participation-based funding program that formalizes a startup’s first investment opportunity through SPVs powered by Assure.

In 2021, BoomStartup worked with over 1,000 startups across the globe who raised over $10 million in early-stage funding.


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