The Utah State Bar needs your help

We need your help! We have all seen dramatic changes in the business environment over the last few years. These changes have impacted business operations and strategies, and how service providers deliver services. In particular, these changes have also directly impacted the way legal services are being delivered.

We know that lawyers are concerned about what impacts clients, and future clients, and how to best meet the needs of those clients. Accordingly, the Utah State Bar has formed an Innovation in Law Practice committee to address how lawyers may be more innovative in the delivery of legal services, including how to better use technology.  One of the specific efforts of the committee is to understand the changing needs of business, so lawyers can respond appropriately. In addition to responding, lawyers also want to think ahead and be innovative in how they operate and how they deliver legal services.

We and the Utah State Bar want to better meet your needs as a business, but to do so, lawyers need to have some information.  As a collaborative effort, we have prepared a short survey that will help us to better understand your needs and interactions with legal counsel.  We hope that you will be willing to take 10 minutes or less to complete it.

There will be a drawing for all participants of the survey. In order the qualify for the drawing, we will need your name and email address, but these will be maintained separately from the survey, and your name will not be associated with your survey responses.

Click here to take the short survey.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Utah State Bar Innovation in Law Committee
John H. Rees & Heather S. White, Co-Chairs

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