The latest update in Utah Cookie Wars is that the Dirty Dough legal team responds to Crumbl's lawsuit. Find the details here.

Dirty Dough responds to Crumbl’s lawsuit in the Utah Cookie Wars

Salt Lake City — Dirty Dough, Utah’s new cookie company, responded to the lawsuit Crumbl filed against the company highlighted in a recent article by KSL on July 8.

“Dirty Dough categorically denies the allegations in Crumbl’s complaint,” says Dirty Dough’s legal representative Jason Sanders J.D. “Dirty Dough has not infringed on any of Crumbl’s intellectual property and Crumbl’s claims are without merit. It is clear the complaint’s real purpose of this suit is to stifle competition and impede the free market.”

Dirty Dough recently opened their first Utah location in Vineyard and is scheduled to open four more franchises in Pleasant Grove, Saratoga Springs, Spanish Fork, and St. George in the next few months. Founder Bennett Maxwell, recently published in New York WeeklyMarketWatch, and other outlets, shared his future plans for the company to sell not only multi-layered cookies but also communicate a heavy emphasis on mental health education.

Apparently, this billion-dollar company, Crumbl, is threatened by a startup with only a couple of locations to make a federal case out of rainbow sprinkles and rectangular boxes,” says Bennett Maxwell. “Dirty Dough intends to defend itself against its baseless claims.”

The lawsuit’s clear purpose to stifle competition won’t stop Dirty Dough in its mission. The company sees this as an opportunity to get in touch with its “fillings” and intends to continue enjoying each cookie’s gooey insides and realize that it’s OK for life to be messy sometimes.

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About Dirty Dough, LLC
Dirty Dough Cookies is founded on the philosophy “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” With tasty, multi-layered cookies and a focus on mental health by its passionate entrepreneurs, the Dirty Dough franchise is quickly growing from its Utah epicenter throughout the nation. Through its gooey goodness, Dirty Dough illustrates how messy life can be and the acknowledging the struggles many have with mental illness. For information about and ordering Dirty Dough Cookies, visit