Marriott International has named Residence Inn Idaho Falls the Residence Inn brand’s Hotel of the Year for 2022.

Entrepreneurs spell love as “T-I-M-E”

Marriott International has named Residence Inn Idaho Falls the Residence Inn brand’s Hotel of the Year for 2022.

You may be familiar with the anecdote about how young children spell love as “T-I-M-E” and relish being with their parents. Similarly, young entrepreneurs need time with the prior generation to help guide them to success. We are blessed in Utah with a business community filled with successful leaders who have leaned in and championed giving back.

One example among many is Gail Miller, who consistently contributes time and resources to community projects, such as Salt Lake Community College’s School of Business. Lisa Eccles is another great example who lends her time and expertise as advisory board co-chair to Utah Community Builders to help guide the organization in making opportunity more accessible to all. Implicit in these examples are selfless individuals who are building our business ecosystem for the betterment of the whole. 

I recently enjoyed a conversation with these remarkable individuals about how Utah is growing and changing. Gail pointed out that growth inevitably brings change, but we must do more than change. We must improve, and improving requires distinguishing between what needs keeping and what needs changing. Gail then shared that discernment can only come when you are involved. This pearl of wisdom was followed up by Lisa, who quickly added that involvement is about more than just giving money; it means giving time.

I hope everyone in Utah’s business community will be involved. As Utah grows, we can continue to improve with your involvement in community institutions that help us grow the broader ecosystem into one without division. 

I have often said the opposite of an ecosystem is an “ego system,” where business leaders stand on a stage and tell everyone how smart, cool, and rich they are, then bask in the meaningless applause. A self-obsessed example like this only teaches the rising generation of entrepreneurs that success is spelled M-E.

Awards and recognitions should be reserved for true leaders who show up to more than just the stage. They show up to meetings, councils, and events, provide resources and expertise, and give time to organizations and individuals. While these individuals may reluctantly accept an award or stand in the spotlight, it is against their nature. They simply seek to show up and work hard to bless others.

Thankfully, we have these virtuous examples in every industry. Utah is fortunate to have rising talent, great educational institutions, phenomenal companies, and committed individuals that exhibit what real success looks like. 

This commitment to mentor a rising entrepreneur or volunteer at events will connect our community tighter together and expand our social capital. As we emerge from a time of social fragmentation and separation, now is our time to re-engage for the common cause of lifting individuals and families by lifting our businesses to reach new heights with new friends. Utah is still the place where anything is possible.