Top World-ranked SEO Company Glides Atop Silicon Slopes

It should come as no surprise that highly-regarded Boostability, the top-ranked SEO company in the world, according to, is located in Utah.

Only a few years ago, Utah was touted primarily for world-class skiing. Now Utah’s Wasatch Front, a North-South sliver in the central part of the state that concentrates about 80% of the state’s population, is home to what has been dubbed “Silicon Slopes” — a take-off from California’s Silicon Valley, with a nod to Utah’s stellar outdoor winter sports.

According to a report by CNBC, citing such advantages as strong economy, great workforce, friendliness, cost of doing business, affordable real estate, cost of living, competitive taxes, and quality of life, Utah now ranks as a none-too-shabby best state in the U.S. for doing business.

In July, 2016, Utah Governor Gary Herbert, in response to Utah’s top ranking, told CNBC’s Scott Cohn, “We can still build upon what we’re doing.” He further stated, “We empower the private sector.”

With Utah’s new business and technology luster, large businesses are seeking out the services of Utah’s best firms for help in getting target-market viewers to their sites. Large, well-funded companies allocate big budgets in order to reach buyers through the rapidly-expanding maze of online and social media options.

A Competitive Advantage

Yet small businesses, if anything, need even more assistance to attract customers than the big boys. Most firms that design online marketing campaigns are structured to be effective and profitable only when working with deep-pocketed companies. However, Lehi, Utah-based Boostability has developed a way to seamlessly fill that gap, having tailored a system to provide affordable help in areas such as SEO, social media, content marketing, and website development.”

Kelly Shelton, VP of Marketing for Boostability, defines this segment of his market as “the little guy — great businesses that don’t have the budget” of large companies but that still require online marketing services and expertise to launch and sustain their business models.

“We’ve built Boostability around small businesses. We love small businesses,” says Shelton. “ There isn’t another company that can do what we do. We can beat our competition on price, results, and service.”

In order to provide professional and expert services for as little as a few hundred dollars per month (as opposed to typical costs of $5000 and more), “Boostability has built a technology that allows us to take an assembly line approach,” says Shelton. “We can hire grads right out of college and train them for a highly-specialized, unique responsibility.”

Shelton says, “We’ve built an approach to offer services at reduced costs that don’t compromise the quality of the work or the results we get for our small business customers.”

Much of Boostability’s prowess lies in its proprietary technology and its unique approach to organization.

“Our system allows us to streamline and still get great results. Most SEO companies depend on an expert that knows everything. Our approach is to mold each technical person to master one specific task.”

“And yet,” he adds, “they can still personalize that task to the specified needs of each client. It allows us to take on customers at volumes that most can’t. We have 26,000 active customers.”

How can they keep up with such a massive clientele? One major tool is their proprietary, cloud-based “Launchpad.”

According to Shelton, “Launchpad provides real-time reporting to our clients. They can log in anytime and see the results of our work.”

(For a quick look at Boostability’s Launchpad product, go to .)

Due to Boostability’s adeptness at providing services for smaller budgets, there is no drop off in the quality of their work. Boostability consistently ranks near the top worldwide.

For instance, aforementioned independent industry watchdog currently lists Boostability as the #1 SEO provider in the world. They rank Boostability near the top across the board in all five key measures: on-page optimization, off-page optimization, needs analysis, keyword analysis, and reporting methods.

Also ranking Boostability at #1 is, which provides comprehensive rankings for their top 500 SEO firms. They point to Boostability’s unparalleled strength in areas such as fees, flexibility, and technological expertise.

Indicating Boostability is significantly more cost effective than its competition, ranks the company at #3. also ranks them #3, also lauds their pricing, and gives them 4.8 out of five stars.

Shelton points out that although most of these SEO rating watchdogs are paid a listing fee by the SEO companies, “they perform thorough due diligence and a lot of research to determine their rankings. We encourage prospects to contact the watchdogs to inquire about us.”

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Boostability has locations in Utah, along with offices as in Germany and The Netherlands. In addition, they now have clients in the U.K., and are rapidly growing a presence in other parts of Europe. Boostability looks to further enhance Utah’s burgeoning reputation as an international business hub, as well increasing its leadership in the areas of SEO and social media marketing.