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The Spectrum Solution is changing job recruiting in Utah for the better. Here's how.

The Spectrum Solution is the future of recruiting

When Tina Hazlett founded Spectrum Recruiting Solutions in 2018, times were simpler in many ways. Financial markets were stable, unemployment rates were reasonable, and doing business remotely was not the status quo. Times have certainly changed and companies like hers have either adapted or disappeared. Now as we begin 2022, she is thrilled that the “human factor” is back and bigger than ever in talent acquisition. As she puts it, 

“Authenticity from both sides of the table is at the forefront to ensure a strong cultural match and long-term commitment. Companies are accepting the fact that people aren’t staying in the same job for 20 plus years anymore. As such, they are finding new ways to engage folks and make them want to stick around.” 

What else is in store in the new year? How will companies like Spectrum continue to acclimate to the new market? Let’s take a look.

2022 trends for job seekers:

  • The candidate-driven market continues – Employers no longer hold all the cards. The playing field has leveled. Interviewing is happening from both sides of the desk. Clear communication and clear expectations before onboarding are more critical than ever. At Spectrum, we pride ourselves on finding the most impactful individuals; who outshine their competition and can jump right in and add value.
  • Remote work continues to rise – In business and life, geographic restrictions are dissolving. Job seekers love the flexibility and work / life balance that remote employment affords them. Employers will hire remote talent more often, embrace it and realize the benefits for everyone involved. As a 100 percent remote company, Spectrum is on board and will continue to embrace remote and hybrid models.
  • Unemployment rates will stay low – At time of writing, the US unemployment rate is at 4.2 percent and trending downward. The rate in Utah is an incredibly low 2.1 percent. Such numbers can cause panic in the hearts of recruiters. After all, they’re in the business of employment. Tina Hazlett’s response is,

Recruiting has always been an industry that keeps me humble. Low unemployment numbers mean, ‘saddle up, we’ve got work to do’. I see opportunities for folks who aren’t thriving in their current situation to safely uproot and try something new. When talented people are in such high demand, it gently forces employers to recognize such and invest in stellar employees.”

2022 trends for employers:

  • Higher focus on retention – Employers will need to prioritize employee engagement, internal mobility and proactive nurturing. Culture, health, wellness and work / life balance have long been industry buzzwords but they are more relevant now than ever. Spectrum advocates environments which promote from within because it encourages retention. Even recruiters don’t like revolving doors and we know it’s best for everyone. 
  • Hiring more for soft skills – Companies are becoming more prone to consider candidates with backgrounds that don’t exactly align, but have valuable, transferable skills and are a tight cultural fit. Employers will be more open to creative hiring suggestions, which for us, is a breath of fresh air. 
  • Presenting an established brand is more important than ever – IYKYK. If you don’t, you’re drowning in the past, man. In today’s market, brand image may be the only thing to set you apart from other prospective employers. We work harder to help with this than anyone in the business, creating all original job descriptions, social media ads, postings on multiple job boards and more to ensure our clients’ positions get maximum exposure.

As Hazlett says, “Our strategy toward recruiting is unlike anything else on the market. I’m not going to share the secret sauce but I can tell you that each position requires all-hands-on-deck to deliver top talent quickly. Our clients are our partners and we represent them with the same ‘pleasantly pushy’ passion with which we represent ourselves.”

2022 trends for recruiters

  • More social media recruiting – As candidates become more selective, agencies will continue to find new ways to reach them. The best way to reach an increasing number of people, is social media. Recruiters will work to increase, improve and automate online marketing strategies to expand their reach. We will certainly do the same, with our own brand of relevant, light-hearted, hopefully humorous content.
  • Remote recruitment processes will continue – The interview process has shifted dramatically toward more phone calls and video conferencing. Don’t expect that to change any time soon. As a fully remote company, we grew up in this environment and so we know it well. We continually adjust and adapt and do all we can to help our partners keep up. 
  • Continued rise in data-driven recruitment – The use of applicant tracking system to sift through candidates will always be critical for recruiters. The hope is that such software is continually improving, especially with the help of AI. The fact is, there is no substitute for a personal touch and even the best systems will always be limited in their efficacy, particularly with fewer direct applicants and an increased necessity to reach passive talent. Spectrum’s CEO says,

“This is where we excel. This is where we thrive. This is what we do. 99 percent of our candidates are passive and trust us with their confidential situation, they aren’t vocalizing their job search because it could jeopardize their current position. Candidate partnerships are, and always have been, the foundation of our business and the reason for our success. They go well beyond a single placement.”

The 2022 trend for everyone

  • More hiring for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) – This will no longer be a trend but a way of life and it’s about time! Diversity in the workplace boosts business, increases productivity and inspires happier employees overall. DEI leads to innovation, creativity and wider skillsets, which lead directly to increased revenue. Hazlett began Spectrum with the mission of shaking up traditionally homogenous work environments within manufacturing, engineering, science and technology in Utah. So, how is Spectrum different? She’s glad you asked:

“On every single search we launch, our team is expected and trusted to put forth every effort to locate qualified, diverse candidates. Our recruiting teams are even financially incentivized to engage and introduce opportunities to a diverse candidate pool. When we recruit and present such talent right out of the gate, our success rate is higher and we start building stronger teams. It’s our mission, our vision, it’s why we do what we do and we can help you do it too!”

As times change, trends become standards and companies must adopt new strategies to adapt to new situations. We have all seen ‘sink or swim’ in action more than we’d like in recent years. Spectrum is here to help you not only swim but wriggle up onto the shore, grow some legs, and truly start to evolve. We are not simply recruiters, but strategic talent acquisition partners. We call ourselves The Spectrum Solution not only because we get results in a variety of ways but because we genuinely care about making a difference. We believe in diversity, opportunity, and mutually-beneficial partnerships for everyone. No matter what product or service you provide, your people are your business and your business is only as solid as your team. We can help you recruit, manufacture and engineer that team.

Become part of the solution. Visit Spectrum Recruiting Solutions online at Follow us on your favorite social media outlet. Email us at [email protected]. Call us at 801.949.4042.