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The SafeMoon fanbase is a declares themselves "an army," which is exactly why this crypto company in Utah won't fail.

SafeMoon’s emphatic fanbase won’t let it fail

If you’re familiar with the crypto world you’ve undoubtedly heard of SafeMoon. The Utah-based company is less than a year old but has gained an impressive following, with millions of users holding SafeMoon tokens or coins. 

Ever since Bitcoin came into being several years ago, thousands of entrepreneurs have created their own cryptocurrencies. SafeMoon is one of these thousands and has had success in part because their push on social media platforms got millions of retail investors on board. 

What entices some investors to SafeMoon is the company’s claim that the structure of buying and selling tokens will cause the price of a token to go up over time. “On every buy and sell transaction, there’s a 10 percent fee,” SafeMoon CEO John Karony explains. “I call that the great compromise between those who want to day trade, and those like me who just want to put money into a cryptocurrency and then just hold. With Bitcoin, what’s the reward for holding? It’s this speculation that after a year or so, it’ll be worth more than what it was before. Now with SafeMoon, you have more SafeMoon after that year. With Bitcoin, you don’t have more Bitcoins at the end of the year.”

Some crypto experts, however, are skeptical of SafeMoon’s model, which also “burns” some tokens with every transaction, reducing the available supply of the original one quadrillion tokens available. “You have this game of chicken where, if other people are selling, there’s less supply in the world of supply and demand,” explains Anthony Bertolino, VP of growth at iTrustCapital. “Theoretically, it incentivizes it to go up over time. But this is a double-edged sword—at the end of the day, if no one wants to buy it because it doesn’t do anything and people only want to buy it because it goes up, that sounds sort of like a Ponzi scheme just built on blockchain. It’s a crazy interesting experiment … but most of the time you don’t just make a coin because a coin is cool—you make a coin because maybe you’re going to build a global bank that allows people to deposit money and borrow money.”

Since its launch earlier this year, SafeMoon experts have pointed out that the company’s token has fluctuated quite a bit, reaching a peak market capitalization of $5.7 billion in May and now with a market cap of just under $1 billion, still an impressive sum. 

Karony has heard these critiques of SafeMoon before and counters that the company has products in the works. “People like to focus on the token, but SafeMoon is actually a tech company, it’s a blockchain innovation company,” he says. “We have a very successful wallet that was launched. Within three months we were top of the charts, we still are.”

According to Karony, SafeMoon’s roadmap includes building a macro Internet of Things infrastructure on a SafeMoon-created blockchain, which he says is currently in development along with a central exchange. Once SafeMoon’s blockchain is out, Karony says, the company will then expand into other industries. “We’re innovating in multiple spaces, with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology being essentially the proverbial train track, and then the different products we build upon it being the train carts,” he explains. 

The company is about to open its 9,000-square-foot headquarters in Pleasant Grove on January 1st, 2022, and one of the first products the company is working on—wind turbines—emphasizes the breadth of SafeMoon’s ambitions. “We have a proprietary nanotechnology that we apply to [wind turbines], nanoparticles that create a hydrophilic and hydrophobic layer over the top of the wind turbines to increase efficiency,” Karony says. “We’re implementing to start about a megawatt worth of wind turbine and tying that into the rest of our ecosystem.”

This is just the beginning, Karony promises, and his emphatic #safemoonarmy fanbase on Twitter are diehard supporters. Still, it might be too early to predict success. “We’ve seen hundreds of these types of crypto startups that have promise, that’s not the issue. But they rarely deliver something that is differentiated enough to be important and many of them actually don’t ever deliver a product at all or a service that actually materializes,” explains Hamiz Awan, founder and partner of Plutus21 Capital, a blockchain investment firm. 

“SafeMoon, from what I can see so far, there’s not really much of a differentiation… I’m not saying that SafeMoon is not going to get there, I’m saying that we’ve seen thousands of these names before. They promise the world and garner people’s attention, but it doesn’t really mean that whatever platform they’re coming up with is, first, ever going to get delivered; and second, if it does get delivered, will ever be differentiated enough.”

But maybe that emphatic fanbase will be just what ultimately helps it succeed. Karony, his leadership team, and the 2.9 million SafeMoon holders argue that its SafeMoon’s fast development cycle and the leadership team’s strong connection to SafeMoon holders make the company different than others out there. “A lot of other tech companies don’t allow a level of access to the CEO and the decision-makers the way SafeMoon does, and it’s been super beneficial to us,” Karony says. “It’s been beneficial to our development cycles, and it’s been beneficial to our teams within the company, where I don’t have to guess, the leadership doesn’t have to guess—we can just ask.”

That connection to the SafeMoon community will help Karony and the rest of the leadership team fulfill the vision described above, which Karony says, more than money, is the main motivation for the company. 

Karony is looking to fulfill that mission in Utah, with expectations to hire locally. “There are massive amounts of tech talent,” he says about the state. “It’s a great environment to work in, it’s a great environment to innovate in, and it’s a great environment to live in. So I’m really excited to expand our footprint there.”

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    To the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      We are family, we are safemoon ! To the moon

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        Safemoon is people’s money. Lets go Moon

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        Safemoon Army

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        This is just an intro to the beginning.
        Watch out!



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    we are safemoon

    • Big Daddy Kane


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        Safemoon is change.
        Safemoon is evolution.
        Safemoon is FREEDOM.

        With John Karony at the helm, I’m not going anywhere. Thank you to the safemoon team for all that you are doing to better the world. Also, the safemoon family appreciates this piece you’ve done on our community, Vanessa. Many thanks

  • Big Daddy Kane

    We are SAFEMOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Safemoon army represents!!

  • Michael Manares

    Incorrect value of 1 quadrillion. The correct value is 1 trillion. Safemoon v2 has been implemented, Safemoon v1 will be phased out in a months time or so.

    • David

      You can‘t phase out v1 with millions of liquidity locked but I guess they won’t actively support trading via App/Browser.

  • Asuquo Gospel

    Safemoon is indeed the Evolution, we have a great CEO, in the person of Mr. John Karony and also, I trust in the Global Head of Products for Safemoon, in the person of Mr. Ryan.

    The Safemoon community is another mind blowing asset that the Safemoon company has… We are undoubtedly heading to the moon .

    We are #Safemoon, we are #Family.
    #Safemoon is the #Evolution

    • Cym

      Safemoon is going to change a lot of lives one day.

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    Safemoon is the Evolution

  • Jabroni

    Good god this cringe worthy. Their “wallet” and their v1 “token” are copy paste from competitors. They were so lazy with this scam they failed to remove some of the competitors code that includes their name

    • Tvexc

      V2 is out. See you at $ .01

    • Al

      Your name says it all. You have no clue. We have a great leader and the best community in Crypto!

    • Stig Jeleim

      Please do some proper research

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      It’s always one of you

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      Just a SafeMoon hater because he didn’t get rich overnight.

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      Know your role jabroni

    • SafeMoon Enthusiast

      Your still here commenting on it! What does that tell you!? Don’t hate…appreciate. Whahahaha


    The crazy thing about safemoon is, people are allready wealthy because of it. They allready get hundreds of Dollars per month (as so called reflections) just for Holding safemoon. This project is getting more and more serious. The perfect standing is to have about 1 Million Tokens (v2!), actually worth 1600 $. I am pretty Sure everyone who has 1 Million Tokens now will be Millionaire in 5 or more years and earns thousands of Dollars per month passive income. Best Project of 2021

    • Hank

      How much did 1 million tokens cost you to buy 4 months ago? Lose $5k to make $10 a month in “reflections”. Only reflection that should be done is reflecting on why you believe this scam artist is t in jail

      • DES4FIO TheDelusional

        LOL, so true. I have no idea how these people can be so delusional. This project is going nowhere. They act like a 6 month delayed wallet is such a big deal. What a joke, every project has a wallet and does not take ages to make.



    • Matthew

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    We are SafeMoon. So excited for what’s to come. Thank you for this, Vanessa.

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    • DES4FIO TheDelusional

      9 months of red… takes months to get a “wallet” So many failed promises and the code is literally copypasta of others. It is not special, just desperate people and sleek marketing.

  • Safemoon_Hippie

    This is going to be big !

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    Next up is the safemoon arena for the Utah jazz team #safemoon

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    Safemoon is the Evolution

  • @safemoontim

    Many of your statements are misleading and if you did some actual research you would easily see that fact. Please DYOR next time. The article was about a 5 out of 10 but SafeMoon is a 10 out of 10. Everyone should get a second chance so Im sure you will do better on your next SafeMoon article.

  • Vadlamudi Jaya Rajesh

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    We are SafeMoon Army. Thank you John and the team for the vision and the bright future ahead for this project we all love you! And we are evolution the future.

  • John

    Once Safemoon finalizes it’s ecosystem than a lot more people will know who John Karony is

  • John Johnson

    SafeMoon will change the world. The CEO’s parents have deep roots in the CIA and ties in ‘The Gambia’..

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    Will be the best blockchain innovation company in 2022!!! I believe!!
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    In two years time Safemoon, John, Ryan and the Army will show the crypto world what the best investment of 2021 was. Wait for it

  • Scott

    So much has happened in the first 10 months. The V1 contract was created by a completely different team. There have been ups and downs, but John’s leadership has remained solid as a rock. The current team is absolutely committed and unstoppable. There is much more coming than just a token that went viral. This company is going to change the world. Thanks for picking up this story. I would advise everyone to keep their eye on SafeMoon in 2022.

    • Safemoon?

      I had 93 Mil, then migrated to V2. It converted to 93 thousand. Why is this a good project?

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  • Salvador Galvez Marquez

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    Safemoon’s strategy will place them in a position to reshape the crypto platform. With tokenomics holders gain reflections just for holding. With this generated wealth holders can keep their bags and cash out or reinvest with the reflections gained. Not to mention once the Safemoon Blockchain and Safemoon Exchange are launched with Safemoon Cryptonomics in play holders of all coins can gain reflections on that coin not just Safemoon!! The Safemoon team is assist The Gambia with future projects. Nothing but a long term investment here!

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    SafeMoon won Community of the Year!! We have been through so many ups and downs within the first 9 months that nothing can stop us. We are the first crypto/tech company and there is no other like us so there is no limit to how big we can become. As long as our CEO and dev team continue to deliver, we, as a community will continue to support SafeMoon cause we are the future and evolution.

  • Tad Nguyen

    Safemoon is here to stay, and will change the way how currency works. Instead of printing paper money , making the dollar worthless, #SAFEMOON will burn their supply, making it more scarcity and more valuable than fiat. Did u know that 38% of dollar currency has been printed in circulation with this 18 months? This is a hard fact.

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    We are SafeMoon!

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    I joined the SafeMoon community in early March, tbh it was a for a quick buck and play the market, still haven’t touch my bags.

    Came for the money, stayed for the tech and the hope of beeing a part of making the world atleast a tiny bit better and equal place to be at.

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  • Shivam Agrawal

    With SafeMoonV2, SafeMoon Exchange with Cryptonomics and the SafeMoon Blockchain combined with Operation Pheonix in the Gambia, SafeMoon is the Evolution.

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    All projects have their fair share of ups and downs but this one has so far held its own through all challenges and has a very promising future!

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    SafeMoon’s community is like no other in the space. Companies would give their left arm to have this level of engagement from its investors/holders/consumers.

    A massive shout out must go to all of the community moderators across Discord, Facebook, Reddit and Telegram. They are volunteers who give a tremendous amount of time to support the #safemoonarmy.

    Exciting times ahead for this start up Blockchain Technology company. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this entire space

  • Ando

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    Trust the process. John and his team have crazy potential. #SAFEMOONARMY believes.

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    Been holding since March 2020. In the Discord channel most nights. There’s something different about SafeMoon to all my other holdings. The SafeMoon leadership and the community around it / access to John & Ryan etc is what will take this to the next level. Low tax Peer to Peer transfer on V2 to with fiat off ramp to access the Global $700 billion dollar remittance market? Game changer.

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    Karony does remind me of the Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes. (so that’s not good)

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    This was an honest and well written assessment of safemoon. I am a crypto holder, admittedly not a very large crypto holder and this is one of the tokens I have chosen to put some money into. Only time will tell if this will indeed pay off. I have met some very wonderful people because of my investment in this token and that alone is worth something.

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    Togheter let’s go to the

    Thank you a John Karony for everything
    Really Excellent Job

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      So sorry to have posted twice. I did not think my first post went through. Could not figure out how to delete the second one. Once again sorry but still feeling so good about the Safemoon community.

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    SafeMoon is the future of Crypto and I am so happy they are based out of Utah, it will be a win win situation for everyone!

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    copied trust wallet — called it safemoon wallet
    and now they want us to believe that a group of scammers with zero experience in nano tech and windmills have some magic proprietary nano technology … hahaha

    • DES4FIO TheDelusional

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    Karony reminds me of the Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes (so that’s not good).

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    Great things are happening with SAFEMOON in 2022!

    Thank you for putting us in the spotlight!
    Be sure to follow up!

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    SafeMoon has a rich coommunity of almost 3M holders, under a year old (march 2021) and the first verified crypto on Twitter. Safemoon isn’t on any top exchanges yet and has annouced two are upcoming, and yet is one of the top 100 cryptocurrencies in the world by market cap. The new V2 contract has done away with a old contract which was not upgradable to the new V2 contract which sets up to run SafeMoon’s buisness for the future. They are now able to upgrade their contract to impliment any new technology that they want.

    The next step is the exchange and blockchain speculated to release in 2022. Also FYI there are no dividends in the traditional market that match the return of just holding Safemoon in your secure Safemoon Wallet (andriod and ios).

    This is a no brainer for me. Bags are packed for the moon.

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    An exciting tech company lead my an amazing leadership team!

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    I love the opportunity… a technology company developing a blockchain to enable efficient and effective transactional services across many lines of business.

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    As a holder I can’t wait to see what the future of Safemoon looks like. Very excited for all of the products getting released in 2022.

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    Great article on a great team! I’m very bullish on Safemoon as a tech company as well as a cryptocurrency! It’s helmed by a great leader in John and backed by a great supporting cast of rockstars who will bring the future to now and solve many issues along the way!!

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    As we all know the army is great but at a deeper level, beyond the memes, the token has so much potential for the future. So many things to break early next year that will bump the price in levels. Then there are so many things we don’t even know about yet. Thanks for the article. Great to spread the word

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    The leadership team, is young, driven & ambitious. It has a global outlook for its macro innovations & hires the best talent to deliver against its core objectives.
    Safemoons social media presence is stand out noticeable & has shown to be sustained throughout 2021 with signs of growth for 2022 & beyond. These new forms of community based behavioural economics are a central tenet in these exciting & necessary tech based emerging fields. The Safemoon community is delighted to steer its mission from its key international base in Utah, USA.

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    I belive in Safemoon and have faith in the tech company they are building.
    I am invested in other crypto’s but Safemoon is unique and developed to encourage investors to hold rather than daytrade. By holding we as investors recieve reflections that will grow as volume increases, and tokens are burned, which will also assist in raising the price. The tech projects they are developing will ultimately raise volume and price. We are going to have a great year in 2022 and are proud of what the company Safemoon has achieved this past year.

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    3. then it dipped to 0.000001, i missed the dip, it rose to 0.000002, i bought more safemoon.
    4. then it dipped again to 0.000001. I bought the dip.

    There has been core team restructure which caused a lot of FUD but when you have John Karony at the wheel, you become immune to the FUD and believe in Safemoon being the evolution.

    Wen Safemoon exchange? Wen Safemoon Blockchain?


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    I invested in SafeMoon back in march saw it really grow from a project into a company an innovative tech company because of the driving force called SafeMoon (SafeMoonArmy) only people that unite and stand together long enough can make a change for the better. Not financial advice but IMO this is the best token for a couple year hold term. Risk and reward are crazy. It’s proven def. NOT a rug pul or scam. So choose wisely and always DYOR.

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