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Utah Business

The Hive, a program from The Salt Lake Chamber, wants to help young professionals find their footing in the workforce.

Young professionals will direct Utah’s future

Millennials and Gen Zers make up more than a quarter of Utah’s population. In addition to them, incoming 20-34-year-olds make up the largest group of families migrating to our state. When you take both into account, it’s immediately evident that Utah has a burgeoning group of young professionals who will one day lead our workforce.  Despite the pandemic-related challenges these young professionals are facing, I’m more optimistic about our future today than ever before because seasoned business leaders can mentor and share lessons to help guide the rising generations. 

This is why the Salt Lake Chamber developed a young professionals group called The HIVE to involve them in meeting these challenges with vigor and fresh ideas. The HIVE is restarting after a pause during the pandemic, and we hope those who want to be involved will join. The goal of this group is to bring together our next generation of business, community, and public leaders to gather and learn from one another. Including future decision-makers in the process now will help facilitate the growth of these young professionals to lead tomorrow. 

And if there’s one thing that’s stood out amongst the members of The HIVE so far, it’s their entrepreneurialism. Young professionals today are comfortable with digital communications, understand personal branding, and are passionate about promoting change in society. These entrepreneurial traits can be used to solve problems more effectively when channeled toward the common good through programs like The HIVE. 

Let me suggest three principles to combine with these traits to guide one’s progress toward expanding opportunities. In doing this, I want to focus attention on connecting, serving, and solving as guide rails for the journey to professional leadership. 

Connecting to one another and finding mentors a generation ahead of you is a best practice everyone should follow. These connections pipeline you into opportunities you would not know about otherwise and they provide a guide to assist you along the way. Take heed to remember the expression, “Your network is your net worth,” because it’s true. Your network will enrich your life in a number of ways―from experience to building relationships, and more.   

Serving in various ways through volunteer associations, boards, civic engagements, or public office helps you come to know an audience. The act of service also invests you in the outcomes associated with components of community and instills the desire for progress deep within. Also, as you find an audience to serve, you may also find a key problem that needs solving. 

Solving problems to shared challenges will be more important in the coming years. As we continue to grow, it becomes increasingly hard to maintain togetherness and a solutions approach in the face of adversity. Entrepreneurs and young professionals seem geared to solve problems, and combining this principle with a desire to connect and serve will benefit you throughout your professional life. 

After all, you know the expression: “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” and our young professionals stand to create a bright future to overcome any challenge of tomorrow so long as they come together now to solve problems together.