State’s Most Employee-Friendly Companies Honored

Salt Lake City—There are good companies to work for, and then there are the Best Companies to Work For.

Utah Business magazine honored its 2017 class of Best Companies to Work For Thursday at the Grand America Hotel, recognizing businesses who have gone above and beyond to make their employees feel like work truly is a home away from home.

“Over the years, our Best Companies to Work For program has grown significantly. That’s because companies realize how crucial it is to attract and retain the talent that will keep them on the cutting edge of innovation and growth,” said Donnie Welch, publisher of Utah Business magazine. “Your employees value the cultures you have worked so hard to foster in your organizations, as well as the opportunities they have to grow and advance in their careers. And they value you: leaders who listen and care, and leaders who push them to grow their skills and push the limits of their success.”

The process to be named to the annual list is no easy feat. Well over a hundred companies competed for 50 spots. Management from all of the participating organizations explained their programs and benefits. Each then distributed anonymous surveys to their workforce, which asked employees about benefits, management, working conditions, culture, opportunities for growth, and overall satisfaction. Companies were divided into size categories, to control for discrepancies in size so very small companies wouldn’t have to directly compete with the kinds of benefits a very large company could offer, and vice-versa. The ratings were then tabulated, allowing this year’s winners to be able to objectively say they are the best companies to work for.

Scott Johnson, founder and CEO of Motivosity, which was a presenting sponsor of the event, said the recognition for the honored companies was all the more impressive given the increased competition over talented employees.

“You’re not here by accident. Every single company here has made conscientious efforts to be a great place to work. … It’s getting harder and harder to attract and retain talent in a place with a shrinking talent pool,” he said, noting that shifting career priorities from millennial employees have also made employers have to think outside the box to keep their workforce happy. “[Millennials] are choosing to work to make a difference in the world and connect with people, at least digitally. To them, their goals are often more important than building a steady career. Companies that find out how to connect with this group will reap great rewards.

“Everybody here is here because you’ve got great things going on,” he added.

You can read all about this year’s Best Companies to Work For in our December issue