More and more small and mid-size businesses join PEO

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There is a young and aggressive company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, by the name, Back Office Remedies, that is poised to become a regional and national competitor in what is known as the PEO or Professional Employer Organization industry. Now, they are fully prepared to tap into the aspiring business communities in “Silicon Slopes.”

What is a PEO, the hot business model among small businesses?

PEO is a business model that allows small businesses to partner with a PEO company to access comprehensive HR outsourcing services, including payroll processing, employee benefits, HR management, tax administration and regulatory compliance.  While the PEO industry has grown and evolved over the years, it has only recently received mainstream recognition as an important tool for growth geared to small and mid-size businesses. According to National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), approximately 6,000 small and mid-size businesses join PEOs every year.

No more “back office” duties. Focus on your core business.

While every business owner wants to focus on delivering that product or service the business was founded on, they inevitably begin spending more and more of their time on “back office” tasks like human resource and payroll matters. The owner of virtually any company will beam with pride when talking about his or her products and services; however, that enthusiasm quickly fades when the conversation turns to worker’s compensation insurance and managing employee benefit plans. Also, not everyone can afford to hire a dedicated human resources manager. Hiring just one full-time HR staff member (not even a HR manager) could cost $103,645* a year. When it comes to hiring employees, you are paying not only their salaries but also employee benefits, taxes, workers’ compensation insurance and other administrative costs. Furthermore, it is not so easy to find an ideal candidate who has all required skill sets within a limited budget. When business owners and managers begin spending more time on HR management tasks and payroll than they do on running operations, it is time for them to consider outsourcing their HR functions.

Back Office Remedies, like the name says, provides solutions for many of the administrative tasks that are commonly known as “back office” duties.  After thoroughly reviewing a company’s needs, Back Office Remedies designs and implements customized human resources management and payroll processing strategies for companies, allowing owners and managers to re-focus their attention on core operations, while giving them complete confidence that all of their back office needs are being met.

The human resources expertise that Back Office Remedies brings to the table gives small and mid-size businesses a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining quality employees. At the same time, owners and managers get peace of mind knowing they are complying with the myriad federal, state and local employment regulations. Another major advantage to small and mid-size businesses is being able to offer employees better benefit plans for less money. This is possible because of the economies of scale achieved by adding a small number of employees to the much larger employee pool in the PEO company. According to NAPEO, small businesses that utilize the PEO model have a significantly higher chance of succeeding.

It is well worth the time for small and mid-size business to contact Back Office Remedies to explore how a PEO solution would benefit them. The best part is Back Office Remedies does not charge companies for the initial assessment and there is no obligation. You have nothing to lose! Call today for more details and to schedule your consultation!

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Source: NAPEO White papers

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Authored by Jeffery Stone, MBA, EA

Jeffery Stone is a founder and CEO of Back Office Remedies who is passionate about helping small to mid-size businesses manage their human resource needs so they can focus on what they do best.