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S&S Worldwide Eager to Create More Thrills in New Building

North Logan—For a company in the business of ups and downs, S&S Worldwide has had a lot more of the former than the latter. With their growth outpacing their space, the roller-coaster designer and manufacturer broke ground on a new facility to allow them to spread their wings.

“As you grow, you need your resources to keep up with your growth. This will allow us to do that,” said S&S Worldwide President Tim Timco. “The pace of growth has slowed because of the lack of efficiency [in the old building].”

Located four blocks north of it current leased facility, the new 100,000 square foot building—65 percent manufacturing space, 35 percent administrative—is designed to promote growth and efficiency. That’s something lacking in the current building, Timco said, which currently doesn’t have enough room in it to squeeze in another desk despite company operations needing another four or five employees.

The company’s growth, which has been particularly rapid since its 2012 partnership with Japan-based Sansei Yusoki Co., and the possibilities for its future were common themes in remarks at the groundbreaking. Yasuhiko Fujii, representing Sansei Technologies CEO Makoto Nakagawa, said the company was pleased with how its partnership in S&S was paying off and how it looked to develop in coming years.

“This new building will give them the facilities they need to thrive in the future,” Fujii said.

Rich Allen, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors for S&S Worldwide, said the 22-year-old company’s hard-earned reputation as the top roller-coaster manufacturer in the country was a great achievement that couldn’t have been reached without its dedicated workforce.

“S&S is a true Cache Valley success story,” he said. “To be recognized as the largest amusement park ride manufacturer in the U.S. is quite an accomplishment. All of this is a direct result of the hard work of the people in our company.”

Allen noted that the company’s next goal was to be recognized as the largest amusement park manufacturer in the world. S&S creations are already in amusement parks in more than 30 countries, with a third of their business coming from parks in the U.S., a third coming from parks in Asia, and a third split between Europe and the Middle East.

Timco said the growth since the Sansei partnership has been transformative for the company, allowing them to reach new heights they couldn’t have imagined beforehand. The space and operational efficiency allowed by the new building, which is expected to be completed by late next spring, should propel them even higher.

“Where we’ve been in the past four years is a vast difference. Where we’re recognized as an industry, huge difference. The product we’re producing, huge difference,” he said. “Everything you need to keep a company growing and successful is now in place. We just have to keep the ship straight.”