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Retrofitting Your HVAC Rooftop Unit Will Save Energy and Money

Does your commercial building have an old heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) rooftop unit? You might not know the answer to this question, but if your business owns or operates in a commercial building, you likely do. Most rooftop units, also known as RTUs, are big energy-wasters, which means higher utility costs. And guess who’s footing the bill? That’s right, you are.

So, if you think your RTU is out of date and driving up your utility bill, what can you do about it? It’s time to look into Transformative Wave’s CATALYST. The CATALYST is a game-changing system that saves businesses thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs. In fact, customers have reported utility savings of up to 60 percent!

What’s almost as good as saving money? Saving energy! Studies show that the CATALYST can reduce RTU energy use by an average of 25 – 50 percent. It is so effective that it is the only RTU retrofit solution to be validated by the DOE.

The CATALYST technology retrofits current RTUs to optimize HVAC operations by combining state-of-the-art technology with hardware, sensors, and intelligence. The CATALYST controls fan speed and manages airflow. It will automatically adjust temperatures, carbon dioxide levels, and pressure. It can even adjust your building’s humidity levels. With a simple retrofit by the CATALYST, your outdated RTU will be transformed into an energy-savings machine that will ultimately decrease utility costs and create a more comfortable environment for occupants. Talk about a winning solution.

But beyond improving your RTU’s overall performance, the CATALYST is complemented by the eIQ Platform, a web-based platform that monitors RTU system performance and provides alerts and diagnostic information—all in real time. From the touch of your phone, you’ll be able to access the system to make control changes, schedule maintenance, and identify and resolve issues before they become problems.

If you have an outdated RTU, there’s no better time than now to install the CATALYST. That’s because Rocky Mountain Power has partnered with Transformative Wave to bring the CATALYST to businesses. Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart® program is offering financial incentives of up to $4,500 to retrofit outdated RTUs. This could save your business upwards of 70 percent of the installation cost. Not to mention the long-term savings you’ll see on every utility bill going forward.

To learn how your business can Catch the Wave and take advantage of Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart incentives to install the CATALYST, visit today.


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