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These are Salt Lake City’s prettiest office spaces

We feel that aesthetics are a very important part of the work experience. And as we start returning to our offices (ever so slowly), we wondered, what spaces would we actually be excited to come back to?

Hundreds of companies sent us pictures of their office spaces as part of our “prettiest office space competition.” Our team sifted through every single one of them and voted on our favorites. Here, in our opinion, are the very prettiest ones. 

1. cityhomeCOLLECTIVE

“Our office was designed with our clients in mind, first and foremost,” says Cody Derrick, founder and owner of the real estate and design company. “We want them to feel relaxed and assured when they come in, so it was important that we married comfort with aesthetic totality. No harsh lighting or intense character. If they’re buying or selling a home, there’s enough stress already. But we also want to give them a sense of confidence―if we can create a beautiful space in which to work, then we can help them to create their own beautiful space as well.”

2. Decorworx

Our team unanimously agreed that Decorworx was one of the best submissions we received. It makes sense, they are a design firm after all. “The inspiration for the design was to focus on the craftsmanship of the past while embracing the future. We preserved historical features such as exposed trusses, beadboard, and brick. We then introduced steel I-beams, oversized mirrors, and glamorous 1920’s replica lighting to bring in an element of modernity,” says Tenia Wallace, the company’s COO.

3. Simplus

“The objective of the design was to make this new world headquarters a space that fostered productivity, creativity, and collaboration for employees, customers, and partners enjoying the space,” says Isaac Westwood, Simplus’ COO. “The office has many functions, yet it effectively combines modernity and corporate needs with ease and warmth in each distinct space. Corporate environments often feel cold, but this office integrates business with the personal, meeting corporate needs but also individual needs.”  

4. CommonGrounds

CommonGrounds set up a beautiful space in the city, which the CEO says was important to their vision. “Salt Lake City’s vibrant, growing enterprise community made a natural fit for a CommonGrounds location, and the building’s architectural details and connection to the community inspired us,” says Jacob Bates, CEO of CommonGrounds. 

5. Lendio

Lendio did well to make their office environment feel a little more like home. “The office is well-equipped with cozy nooks and quiet spaces that allow for autonomy and focused work. Our team members love the abundance of natural light, the 360-degree views of the valley, and the community areas that allow for everything from team lunches to after-hours video game tournaments,” says Brock Blake, Lendio’s CEO and founder.

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