Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Previews 2017 Goods

Salt Lake City—This week, thousands of outdoor retailers and buyers are flocking to the Salt Palace Convention Center for the 2016 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show. Several brands are debuting new or upcoming product lines and options. We’ve included a few below.

Alkilu The Los Angeles-based company recently released a line of organic LED (OLED) lights that emit no heat or UV rays (which translates to no moths drawn as to a flame), and has a rechargeable battery that lasts for more than 30 hours between charging. Solar-charged options are also available.

Altra The 5-year-old Utah company showed off their new Lone Peak line of hiking boots. The super lightweight shoes feature weather-resistant upper to keep wearers’ feet safe from the elements while still letting them breathe. The line is slated to hit shelves later this year.

Brilliant Reflective For walkers, joggers or anyone else hitting the road or trail at night, Brilliant Reflective’s stick-on or iron-on reflective strips help make pedestrians and bikers more visible to cars in the dark. The strips both reflect more brightly and from a greater distance than competitors, but the company’s biggest pitch for their product is that the strips can—and should—be placed on shirts, pants, arms or wrists, and ankles or feet. According to the company, studies have showed cars stop or swerve faster for the “human” reflective form placing strips head to toe gives pedestrians and bikers. And with a company pedigree rooted in the adhesive field—the company’s founder came from 3M—even the stick-on strips will last.

Carhartt Carhartt’s newest offering is its line for anglers, including a jacket and bib, and fast-drying shirts. In addition, Carhartt has expanded its women’s line, including a 4.8-ounce waterproof jacket, lighter-weight bib overalls, and abrasion-resistant, quick-drying nylon/spandex knit pants.

deFUNKit deFUNKit boasts that a single wash of athletic gear in their detergent at the start of the season will help banish odors all summer (and, if you go to their booth, they’ll let you smell for yourself). The company also has the formula in a pump-spray for items that can’t be thrown in the washer.

Glukose While for most people, sugar is sugar, Glukose’s line of energy bars, gummies, gels and drink tablets differentiates itself from competitors by formulating their sugar as glucose—the body’s preferred type of sugar and the kind it eventually breaks other types of sugars (fructose and sucrose) and carbohydrates into for storage and use. By letting the body skip that step, the company says, it gives consumers twice the energy, twice as fast.

K3 Koala Bottle Much like its namesake animal, the K3 Koala Bottle clings to the bar of a bike or a hydration belt—though with magnets, not marsupial grip. The original design features a water bottle and holder that allow users to easily remove and replace the bottle on the go. At the summer show, the company debuted an adaptation of that design for a hydration belt so walking, hiking or running users can remove and replace their water bottle one-handed, even if they’re holding a leash, phone or camera. The belt also includes mesh pockets to hold lights for nighttime activities.

Snakebite911 Snakebite 911 is a free, 48-MB app that tells hikers, bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts what kind of venomous snakes are in their area, where there have been snake sightings—and what to do and where to go if you are bit by a snake, including which hospitals carry antivenom. Because many outdoor recreation activities involve going to places where cell signals aren’t plentiful, the app pulls its location data from the last location the user’s phone recorded before going off into the wilderness. The app is currently available for iPhone, but an Android version is in the works and slated for release in the next few months.