Jump, a Utah company focusing on AR experiences, has announced a groundbreaking neuroscience and psychology study.

JUMP, an AR company, announces a neuroscience and psychology study

Salt Lake City— JUMP CEO James Jensen has announced that the world’s first location-based, hyperreal wingsuit simulation company has partnered with Flow Research Collective and leading neuroscientists focused on this new era of experiential medicine. The primary investigator, Dr. Richard Huskey will serve as the principal investigator and will lead a team of impressive researchers in an experiment studying the effects of the JUMP experience and its ability to put “jumpers” into a state of flow. The findings from this study could potentially unlock the next levels of human potential and other mental and physical health benefits.

The research team includes:

  • Dr. Richard Huskey. MA and Ph.D., Communication | Assistant Professor, UC Davis; Principal Investigator
  • Steven Kotler. MA, Creative Writing | Executive Director, Flow Research Collective
  • Dr. Adam Gazzaley. MD and Ph.D., Neuroscience | Founder and Executive Director, Neuroscape
  • Dr. Michael Mannino. MA, Philosophy; Ph.D. Neuroscience | Chief Science Officer, Flow Research Collective
  • Dr. Tim Mullen. MS and PhD., Cognitive Neuroscience | CEO and Research Director, Intheon

Dr. Richard Huskey is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication and the Cognitive Science Program at the University of California Davis. His lab studies focus largely on how the brain experiences flow and its results in humans. His flow research has received numerous prestigious awards for its quality, rigor, originality, and impact. It has also pioneered the design and development of custom video games that allow him to study people’s brains while they experience flow.

The Flow Research Collective is a research and training organization. Its mission is to understand the science behind ultimate human performance and use it to train individuals and organizations, including peak performance athletes. From FRC, Steven Kotler—world-renowned researcher, New York Times-bestselling author, award-winning journalist, and founder and executive director of the organization—and Dr. Michael Mannino—Chief Science Officer of the organization—will join JUMP in its research study. 

In addition to Dr. Huskey, Kotler, and Dr. Mannino, Dr. Adam Gazzaley and Dr. Tim Mullen will join us. Dr. Gazzaley is the founder and director of Neuroscape—a translational neuroscience center engaged in technology creation and scientific research. This approach involves the development of custom-designed, closed-loop video games integrated with the latest advancements in software and hardware, including virtual and augmented reality unlocking the door to digital medicine. One of which, EndeavorRx, was recently granted FDA approval for children with ADHD from 8-12 years old. Dr. Mullen is the CEO and research director at Intheon. His publications focus on the use of machine learning and adaptive system identification techniques to detect mental states and neuronal pathologies.

JUMP challenges the limits of imagination and provides hyperreal, multi-sensory experiences (think BASE jumping off a cliff without the risk), helping people to reach a flow state and overcome fear. JUMP’s CEO James Jensen believes most psychological disorders are rooted in fear. Overcoming any fear—no matter how small—can be extremely empowering. If the first experiment is able to demonstrate that JUMP can induce a flow state, a future study will look at whether large “doses” of flow from JUMP could benefit a person’s physical and psychological state. JUMP seeks to encourage its guests to overcome the initial, gut-punch fear of jumping out of a plane and off of a cliff. This strongly aligns with the mission and methods of the Flow Research Collective. The entire research team will serve on the JUMP Advisory Team.

The company’s first location opened in May in the Salt Lake City area and serves initially as an entertainment venue. Those making the “JUMP” will likely experience the “flow” sensation Huskey, Gazzaley, Kotler and his team study. The project will study if JUMP elicits flow, and if so, how that experience helps people find greater well-being in their everyday lives.

Now that the Utah JUMP location is open, JUMP has assembled this amazing team of Ph.Ds.—including the Flow Research Collective—to visit and research the simulator’s effect on human performance. The work done over the next year could impact all future generations.

The JUMP simulation includes a real wingsuit, outfitted specifically for JUMP, and a virtual reality helmet. The traditional helmet will be modified with some biometric tracking pieces to aid in analyzing the effects. The simulator is a blend of suspension and wind systems that enable people to experience the extreme thrill of jumping off cliffs and skyscrapers without the danger.

View the latest video highlighting the JUMP experience: