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In partnership with Slalom, meet Utah's first local consulting firm.

Utah’s first full-suite local model consulting firm, Slalom is here to drive growth

A 2017 article published by Forbes predicted that the Salt Lake City valley would become the next tech mecca. One look at all the growth happening in Silicon Slopes, despite conditions caused by the pandemic, says that this prediction from Forbes is not only completely attainable but is actually happening.

There are currently over 6,000 startups throughout the state, alongside more mature businesses re-inventing themselves, taking part in this incredible push for tech stardom and disruption. Slalom―Utah’s first (and biggest!) full-suite consulting firm―has arrived to help organizations looking to modernize, transform, or redefine their business. Because when every business in Utah’s community is more modernized, becoming a tech mecca is even more attainable than ever before. 

Slalom can do it all for your business 

Unlike smaller consulting firms across the state, Slalom helps businesses reach their full potential by offering a full range of specialized services―from accelerating cloud-based business transformation to creating customer-centric organizations and enabling the digital revolution―all under one roof. Instead of hiring different firms to manage or develop different aspects of your ever-growing business, causing issues with consistency and convenience, our team of hyper-educated employees, along with the world’s leading solutions providers, are creating powerful, lasting results. 

“When I think about where Utah is in its journey and what Slalom can do to help accelerate growth, I can’t think of a better match. Salt Lake is rapidly growing in terms of business and population,” says Isla Bragg, general manager of Slalom’s Salt Lake City office. “To achieve [full economic potential] Utah will need a partner that changes the game of consulting―what consulting means and the impact that it can create.” 

Slalom is exactly that kind of partner. By the end of 2021, we plan to have 30 local employees and the ability to tap in to over 9,000 Slalom professionals globally to bring the consulting scale and skill needed by Utah organizations in a number of specialized sectors including life sciences, retail, and financial technology―three of Utah’s biggest industries. Slalom also brings to bear established award-winning technology partnerships with AWS, Google Cloud, Salesforce, Microsoft, Snowflake, and many other innovative platforms. 

Isla Bragg, general manager of Slalom Salt Lake City

…And your career 

We’re capable of doing more than impacting the bottom line of the clients we serve. As the first consulting firm of our kind on the Wasatch Front, we also have an innate ability to attract and re-import the best talent throughout the state by partnering with local universities. Not only that but Slalom has consistently ranked as a Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For as well as one of Fortune 100’s Best Workplaces for Women and Millennials. We’ve also been recognized by The Human Rights Campaign for being one of the Best Places to Work for the last five years. 

“We want to create a great place to work and live as a consulting employer. Consultants here have felt like they’ve had to choose between growing their careers or living in Salt Lake, and I don’t want them to have to choose. I want our local model to provide a great career path for really smart consulting professionals who love this city, the outdoors, and everything it has to offer,” says Bragg.

Beyond providing skilled professionals with steady jobs, our team has a powerful commitment to the community. Because our team members also live and work in the Salt Lake Valley, we are eager to work with clients on diversity and inclusion programs and are ready to support youth-focused non-profits in order to improve diversity and inclusion for the next generation of workers. 

“As a city trying to keep up with its own growth, the community challenges here are significant—everything from extensive air pollution to crime, homelessness, education inequality, and the need to bring more diversity into business,” says Bragg. “We have a huge opportunity to partner with organizations to take action and make a positive impact on this city and state.”

With our unique skillset, impressive team, and powerful connection to the community, Slalom is prepped to help companies look ahead through COVID-19 by redefining what’s possible, enacting lasting change, and creating amazing places to thrive for those in our communities. We’re eager to see what happens with the economic future of our state and we hope that you’ll join us.