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Utah Business

HUB International discusses the ins in outs of medical leave in this educational free webinar. Watchit here.

Everything You Need To Know About Medical Leave

As if managing FMLA leaves and the plethora of state leaves was not difficult enough, juggling accompanying compliance issues can be the bane of an HR professional’s existence. We often receive questions from clients on when employee’s benefit coverages can be terminated while the employee is on leave.  If this is a lingering question for your organization, take a few moments to tune into Utah Business’ webinar featuring chief compliance officer Cory Jorbin and workforce productivity practice leader Mingee Kim of HUB International. Key topics of discussion for this session include:

1.  Overview of FMLA leave

2. Coordination of  the FMLA with state leave laws

3. Interaction of the FMLA with ACA measurement periods

4.FMLA and COBRA best practices

5. FMLA and Cafeteria Plans- When can benefits be terminated?

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