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Mario Silva | Photographed by MANICPROJECT

Mario Silva | HR Achievement Awards 2024

Mario Silva | Photographed by MANICPROJECT
Mario Silva | Photographed by MANICPROJECT

Director, People & Talent Strategy | MyPlanAdvocate


Was there a pivotal moment in your life that brought you into your field?

When I first became a sergeant in the Army, I was told not to work alongside my soldiers: “They are there to do what you tell them to do, and you’re there to just lead and observe.” I was not going to be that leader. I disobeyed orders and started connecting with my team, listening to them and helping them accomplish the mission next to them on the ground. That led my team to become the best-performing team in the unit, and at that moment, I decided I wanted to be a people leader. I lead from the front, shoulder-to-shoulder with my team, ensuring they have the support and resources needed to succeed.

What is a moment from your career that had a particular impact on you?

When I first started working at MyPlanAdvocate, I started as a department of one. I never thought I would be running a company’s HR department so soon in my career. I get the pleasure of working with senior leaders, having a seat at the table, and strategizing a lot of the programs and initiatives as we scale up.

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