Businesses Turn to ‘Managed Print Services’ to Streamline Printing, Copying and Fax

Whether you want mobile printing for your off-site employees or need to make sure ink and toner won’t run dry in the office, Managed Print Services, or MPS, is the solution you have been searching for.

Managers in today’s digital workplace are unburdening themselves of the hassles associated with printing and copying. And it’s not just large companies that benefit from outsourcing these duties.

Printer problems grind some businesses to a halt. But IT services companies like VLCM. make it easy for even small businesses to streamline printing, copying and other office technology.

Just ask Ashton Scarlet, of Kirton McConkie in Salt Lake City.

“For me personally, VLCM. has helped service our HP printers and our canon copiers,” Scarlet said. “Canon was our recent acquisition. We used to have Canon service them until VLCM. was able to come in and provide better service.”

Save Money with Managed Print Services

Partnering with a third-party Managed Print Services provider like VLCM. helps businesses cut printing costs by 30 percent, said Jeremy Morgan, VLCM’s VP of managed print services.

And with your own team of information systems experts monitoring your printer’s every move, you’ll know in real-time when something is wrong, before a problem costs lots of time and money to fix.

Do you regularly experience one or more of these common printer problems?

  • Low ink and toner
  • Unable to connect with mobile and off-site workers
  • Not able to monitor the printer environment
  • Lack of employee training
  • Low-quality prints

Maybe you have an employee who spends almost all her time making sure printers, copiers and fax machines run smoothly.

“VLCM has taken care of all our printer needs. We used to have a guy spend about three-quarters of his time having to manage all the printers, all the services, toner,” said Jon Shurtliff, a VLCM. customer. “VLCM. just comes in and takes care of it. They make sure that we’re in stock with toner and that all our printers are up and running.”

According to the Gartner Group, document production costs some companies as much as 3 percent of annual revenue.

“That’s a huge expense,” Morgan said.

Managed Print Services help businesses lower those costs. Companies boost productivity and create higher quality prints by outsourcing printing services to a third-party expert.

“Let someone else manage those headaches so you can focus on the bottom line,” Morgan said.

Stay in Touch

But Managed Print Services are about more than just refilling toner and making sure your documents look nice, said Gavin Fenton, a spokesman for VLCM.

“Choosing the right managed services provider is like partnering with a team of IT solutions experts, all heavily invested in making sure your office technology runs smoothly,” Fenton said. “We’re in constant contact with your printing hardware and we respond immediately if something is about to go wrong.”

The best Managed Print Services providers offer services like:

  • Ink and Toner Replacement
  • Document Management
  • Print Fleet Optimization
  • Managed Print Analysis
  • On-site Maintenance and Repair

Morgan said his team starts by analyzing your company’s entire printing infrastructure.

“Imagine, enterprise-level information technology for your small business,” he added.

Most Managed Print Services contracts include 24-hour monitoring by a team of IT technicians. These arrangements let your printing and copying devices notify tech support if there is a problem.

“And we respond immediately,” Morgan said.

Managed Print Services providers oversee existing hardware while deploying new printing equipment when necessary. And quarterly checkups help ensure that everything functions properly while new strategy is implemented for the future.

“It’s like sending your printer to the doctor,” Fenton said about the quarterly reviews.

Reputable information technology companies also provide customers with detailed reports as often as needed, he added.

“These reports review service-call history, supply orders and help determine whether any changes are needed throughout the entire printing environment,” Fenton said.

Cheaper than Hiring an IT Technician

It’s usually less expensive to partner with a Managed Print Services provider than hire a new IT employee. Outsourcing the work means a fixed monthly payment can provide access to an entire team.

But the IT services industry is competitive, and you must shop around to find the most qualified provider for the best possible price.

For more information about Managed Print Services, contact VLCM. at 800-817-1504 or email [email protected].

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