Senior Startup Launches New Micromanagement Software

Salt Lake City—Livayo, Inc. announces the launch of its business process software, Livayo, a new job, and task software approach to bring positive micromanagement to the work of running the small business without the negatives of the owner micromanaging their employees.

A recent Livayo customer research study indicates most small business owners want their small business managed meticulously, but don’t themselves want to be known as or act like a non-trusting micromanager. Livayo uses the principles of implicit organizational routines and converts work into explicitly organized routines executed as recurring tasks and organized under the product, marketing, money, and management drivers of the business.

Carter, founder and CEO, developed these principles in his early twenties and spent a lifetime working to bring them to the problems of prosperity and longevity of the small business. “There is no reason for such a high failure rate of the small business due to the lack of management process,” Carter says. “At age 63 I can feel irrelevant and retire to sunsets or try to turn the world on fire doing something I’ve worked on all my life and for who I love to help, the risk-taking, job-creating small business owner.”

About Rick Carter

Rick Carter is husband to Becky of 40 years, father to 5 daughters, and grandfather to 18 choice grandchildren. Rick combines nearly 30 years of business consulting experience and small business ownership in a lifetime of work on the principles and practices of business drivers and organized routines as systems for running small business. Avid golfer, skier, dancer, and traveler, Rick now plans to spend the next twenty years traveling the world teaching Livayo.

About Livayo, Inc.

Livayo, Inc. is a Utah-based corporation serving both goods and services companies with a business process management application for small business with 2 to 20 employees or $500,000 to $5,000,000 in sales.