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Little America Hotel: The Tradition Of Excellence

When the Holding family opened Little America Hotel in 1952, they wanted to create a place that was more than a hotel—they wanted to create an experience. And with just one step inside of the hotel, it’s easy to see that you’re somewhere special. Every detail, from its English wool carpets to its fine wood paneling to its sparkling chandeliers, makes Little America Hotel a welcoming space for all guests and visitors. And with its commitment to excellence, it’s no wonder the hotel is considered one of Utah’s premier meeting and event destinations.

But more than a meeting and event destination, Little America is a place where people gather to connect. Whether it’s old friends catching up in the coffee shop or business colleagues networking in one of the hotel’s fine ballrooms, the Little America Hotel is home to an inviting atmosphere that fosters discussion and connection.


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“We often hear from our guests that they feel like the hotel is inviting—that it’s almost as comfortable as their own home. And, that’s exactly how we want them to feel,” says Ben Christiansen, Catering Manager. “Every part of the hotel is well taken care of, and it’s beautiful. Most hotels are cold and sterile today, but not Little America. We have a calm and inviting atmosphere that is unique.”

It’s this unique atmosphere that makes Little America an unmatched destination for meetings and events of all kinds. From its large ballrooms that can seat hundreds to its many small meeting rooms to its beautiful mezzanine, the hotel is an ideal gathering place to network and reconnect.

But beyond its elegant and inviting atmosphere and meeting spaces, Little America Hotel offers guests a fine dining experience that helps foster discussion.    

Under the direction of Executive Chef Bernhard Götz, Little America Hotel strives to create fresh, comforting food that people will enjoy from first to last bite. “The food itself is comforting,” says Chef Götz. “We don’t make food that is too complicated. We want people to know what they’re eating. We want to keep that tradition of comfort food.”

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“Food and comfort go hand in hand,” adds Santiago Ramos, Chef De Cuisine. “When people are eating good food, they are more relaxed. They feel comfortable talking to each other. They can interact. Food helps ease the flow of the conversation, and networking becomes a lot easier.”

More than satisfying their guests’ palates, Chef Götz and Mr. Ramos believe that food plays a central role in enhancing the guests’ overall experience. “Nearly everything is made daily, from scratch. Every morning, we make our stocks, we roast the turkeys, we make the salad dressings and rolls. The smallest part of our kitchen is the freezer—we don’t need it,” says Chef Götz. “The Holding family cares about every detail, and that includes the food. It’s very important for us and the Holdings that quality is always a priority. If prices go up, so be it. We will never ever cut quality. You have to have quality in the beginning to have quality at the end.”

Chef Götz wants each and every guest to have an unforgettable experience, and he is happy to accommodate guests with special dietary needs. He will even give out his personal phone number to clients in case they’d like to discuss an event’s menu. “Just last week, we had to make special meals for about 45 people out of a group of 200, and we were happy to accommodate these people.”

Photo by David Meredith

Chef Götz’s commitment to his guests is just one of the reasons why the hotel has a 70 percent customer retention rate. Whether you’re an overnight guest, event attendee or client, or a member of the hotel staff, when you’re inside of the hotel, you become part of the Little America family.

“When you look at the hotel from the outside and see this great building surrounded by flowers, it’s amazing. But when customers walk in with their suitcases, what I like to see is the look on their face that says, ‘Am I in the right place?'” says Chef Götz. “It’s all that beauty and warmness that the hotel gives out. We deal with weddings and funerals—from generation to generation. People want to be here because we care.”