K9 Design Pet Grooming: Winter Wellness

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Winter is one of the hardest months to maintain the grooming of one’s pets. They run outside, get covered in snow, and come back inside wet and stinky. If anything, winter is one of the most important seasons to maintain a pet’s grooming.

“Keeping your pet groomed during the winter months is a very important step to maintaining your [pet]’s health,” says Jennifer Cannon, owner of K9 Design Pet Grooming. Over the course of her career, she has noticed that pet owners tend to keep their pet’s fur longer than the normal length during the winter months, believing it keeps them warmer. “Wet, long, matted hair can make your pet more prone to infection and cause them to be chilled,” she says.

The matting that comes as result of a pet’s snowball-filled play day prevents them from drying off properly. Airflow doesn’t reach their skin, making it difficult for them to regulate their body temperature. It also can cause skin infections, hotspots, itching and bruising. Cannon’s take away point? Keeping animal’s fur at a normal or shorter length in the winter keeps them warmer and prevents a lot of health problems.

“[At K9 Design Pet Grooming,] we offer grooming on every [dog] breed imaginable, as well as cats,” says Cannon. “We do anything from just baths to fancy clips that clients request.” K9’s services also extend to nail grinding, blueberry facials, conditioning services, pad moisturizer and teeth brushing.

“My passion for grooming came from many years of experience in the AKC (American Kennel Club). I spent my whole life learning how to train, groom and present hundreds of different dog breeds,” Cannon says. Her grooming staff at K9 is numbered among the highest ranking in the industry, and between them have more than 75 years of experience.

One Utah Business reader explains, “We take our very loved dog Max there to get cut and I have people always ask me for info on where I get his hair cut. Vicki, one of the groomers there, does a top notch job. We request her when we go there, but I have never picked Max up without being 100 percent satisfied even if Vicki can’t cut his hair that day.”

“My philosophy is that we perform to our customer’s expectations,” says Cannon. “I feel the customers have certain vision and we are expected to perform to that. We take the best care of our customer’s animals as we can. They are our family; they are not just a dog coming in to be groomed.”

K9 Designs pet grooming is located at 12652 S. 2700 West, Ste. E in Riverton. For more information or to book an appointment, visit

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