Instructure becomes Utah’s first certified business equality leader

Salt Lake City— Instructure today announced it has become the state of Utah’s first certified Business Equality Leader. The certification program, recently launched by Equality Utah, provides forward-thinking companies with the opportunity to promote diversity and enhance workplace performance by modeling and encouraging more inclusive behaviors at work. The certification process involves a culture and policy assessment, an inclusivity survey, and several custom diversity and inclusion training sessions.

“Instructure is leading the way as the first company in Utah to become a certified Business Equality Leader,” said Troy Williams, executive director of Equality Utah. “Time and again, they have demonstrated their enduring commitment to diversity and inclusion, and – through this certification – they are sending a bold message that they welcome and value every team member in their full humanity.”

The Business Equality Leader certification process includes consultation with the organization’s human resources and diversity and inclusion teams, executive training, management training, and workplace culture training sessions. The program is designed to be tailored to meet specific company goals while offering educational resources that help all employees learn about building more inclusive environments for all employees.

“We believe that work should be a place where every employee can thrive, and that is why we decided to make a public commitment as a Business Equality Leader,” said Jeff Weber, executive vice president, people and places, Instructure. “Teams built from diverse perspectives create better products and services, which in turn helps us better serve students and schools in the pursuit of learning. We’re glad the lessons we learned from the program are continuing to help us create a more equitable workplace today.”

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