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Attend the Next Inclusion Experience Project

With diversity coming to the forefront of conversation among many Utah businesses, companies are rethinking their marketing strategies, recruitment practices, leadership training, and have a yearning to learn how to build a culture that can retain a diverse workforce. 

New executive positions and employee resource groups have been created to educate employees and create awareness about diversity and inclusion and companies are building relationships with diverse community organizations. These steps create a foundation for building a diverse culture. However, the conversation must go deeper and higher in the ranks. An inclusive culture begins at the top. 

Recognizing this need, four business leaders came together to create the Inclusion Experience Project (IXP) with the intent to serve as a resource and safe learning environment for Utah’s business leaders. Led by Sara Jones, CEO of InclusionPro and cofounder of the Women Tech Council; Shawn Newell, VP of Business Development at Industrial Supply Company; Sui Lang L. Panoke, principal at Rethink International and Founder of Women Politics Media; and James Jackson, III, AVP of Zions Bank and founder of the Utah Black Chamber. 

Each leader brings their unique perspective, experiences, and challenges of being a person of color who is pursuing higher education, navigating the corporate world, and becoming highly respected as bridge builders in our local community. Most importantly, they are deeply invested in helping other leaders learn how to successfully navigate Utah’s growing multicultural and socioeconomic landscape.

The Inclusion Experience Project (IXP) is a living project comprised of a series of learning experiences designed to elevate the consciousness of leaders for the purpose of driving trust, stimulating growth, and building a culture of inclusivity in the workplace. Its power lies in the ideas and experiences of a diversity of people across gender, race, generation, and industry. 

The inaugural Inclusion Experience was held in June of this year and sold out with 150 company leaders across Utah’s business community in attendance. The IXP team was successful in fostering a great deal of enthusiasm and optimism around integrating elements of diversity and inclusion into the workplace.

The next Inclusion Experience IXP2, ‘Building Resilience in Leadership,’ will have two sessions to choose from, morning or afternoon, on October 24. 

Join us in exploring how resilience in leadership is giving companies a competitive edge in today’s global economy. This experience will provide leaders with expert guidance, a safe learning environment, and is designed for any leader interested in applying inclusive behaviors that build resilience in the workplace. Join us in leading the charge to build a culture of inclusivity and sustain the growth of Utah’s economy. 

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