Sponsored: How in-person events will shape workplace culture in 2024

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In an age when meetings are often just one open tab on a screen full of action items, important information sometimes fails to reach its audience. When you want your meeting or event to make an impact, bringing your teams together in person has never been more crucial. Not only will it pull focus onto what matters the most, but the experience of spending time together will have a lasting positive impact on your company culture and shape how your teams work together.

Be present: Events that make an impact

In many ways, workplaces have never been more connected. As virtual meeting rooms and online project management tools connect teams from around the world, the digital age of doing business expands the possibilities of the modern workplace.

And yet, as offices become mostly online interfaces, the human element of working together is put in jeopardy. Meeting in person will encourage better focus and allow for necessary face-to-face time that strengthens teamwork and creates a positive workplace culture.

But meeting just anywhere is not guaranteed to make a strong impression. At Little America Hotel, our 25,000 square feet of meticulously designed meeting rooms are outfitted with imported carpets and wall coverings, crystal chandeliers, and fine art. Combined with the warm hospitality of our service professionals, these grand meeting spaces and ballrooms feel like an elegant home away from home. Not only will our venues command attention, but they will also make a statement. Meeting at Little America shows your attendees that you value their time together.

And if you’re hesitant to take on the physical logistics of presenting in person, Little America’s dedicated internal team of Audio-Visual technicians make setting up a breeze. When you plan your event with Little America, the little things are taken care of. So you won’t have to worry about the technical complications that can interfere with the flow of in-person events.

Breaking bread: Imparting a positive workplace culture

Part of any successful business is ensuring your workplace, virtual or not, is a positive place to work. When you bring people together for a meeting or event at Little America, you are treating them to an experience, and when your meeting feels like a small celebration, that positive takeaway will last.

There’s something important about sharing a meal. Conversations flow, and ideas are shared more freely. Whether gathering around the table for a lunch meeting, dressing up for dinner at an awards banquet, or enjoying a break between meeting sessions, making time to sit down together will strengthen working relationships and may even brainstorm your team’s next big idea into existence.

Little America is famous for the quality of our always made-from-scratch meals. Whether experiencing our pristine catering service or dining in at our staple restaurants, The Coffee Shop and Lucky H Buffet, our culinary reputation is a reason in and of itself to meet in person.

Setting aside time to break bread together shows your attendees that you care. Treating them to a dining experience of Little America’s caliber will make the meeting something special.

Location, location, location: It matters where you meet

Downtown Salt Lake City has never been a more exciting place to meet. From cultural festivals to live music to local art galleries and everything in between, our downtown has something everyone can get excited about. Little America is located right in the center of it all, making it easy for your group to experience all the best our beautiful city has to offer, all within a short walk or a convenient TRAX train ride.

While the central location provides easy access to the best outings, perhaps the best part about staying at Little America is that you don’t have to leave the 10-acre property to enjoy dining, shopping, and other exciting activities. Take a dip in Salt Lake City’s only indoor/outdoor rooftop pool. Treat your guests to a post-meeting spa day across the street at our sister property, The Grand America Hotel, home to the only Forbes Five-Star spa facility in Salt Lake City, The Grand Spa. Dine in the rugged-yet-elegant Lucky H Buffet, or enjoy classic American dishes from The Coffee Shop’s menu of heart-warming favorites.

With the onset of the New Year, now is the time to keep your 2024 meeting or event top of mind. Start planning with Little America today to create meaningful meetings that positively impact the way your people come to work.

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