Future Bright for Forty Under 40 Honorees

Salt Lake City—Two score of the state’s top young leaders and entrepreneurs were recognized Friday as Utah Business hosted the 16th annual Forty Under 40 awards Friday.

“When you mention Millennials, I think most people have an idea in their heads about what a typical Millennial looks like and acts like,” said Donnie Welch, publisher of Utah Business, noting that people born in 1980 are generally considered to be the start of the “Millennial” generation. “That means the oldest of the Millennials are now 37 or 38 years old.

“Our Forty Under 40 program, right now, captures a moment where Millennials are no longer the junior employees who are stressing out their Baby Boomer bosses,” he added. “Millennials are CEOs, senior executives, entrepreneurs and innovators.”

This year’s honorees include Erin Laney, vice president of philanthropy and strategic partnerships at Girl Scouts of Utah, who has found the nonprofit organization to be a perfect fit for her drive and commitment to community service. Westminster College’s Associate Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Marco Barker has used the passion for connecting underserved students with opportunities for higher education as his guide through his career. And Rachel Nilsson, founder and CEO of RAGS, took an idea originally geared to make a little extra money for her family and turned it into a thriving business.

“The truly exciting thing is that you’re just getting started. You’re not even halfway through your careers. You still have dreams and ambitions and goals that you’re striving to accomplish,” said Welch. “Where will you be in 10 years, in 20 years? Wherever life’s winding path takes you, we at Utah Business will be watching as you help shape our state’s bright future.”

You can read more about all of our honorees in our February issue, or online here.