Transparency, internal and external data, and a willingness to pivot will determine a holistic corporate strategy’s success.

A Bolder Way Forward hopes to become a national leader in helping women and girls thrive—something that will lift the entire community.

One month after announcing his planned resignation from Congress, former Rep. Chris Stewart joins forces with the Utah Aerospace and Defense Association.

Even the wealthiest people walk into financial pitfalls. Here are three expert insights on avoiding these traps and securing your wealth.

Get to know this year’s honorees.

In April 2023, Salt Lake City’s City Council approved changes related to ADUs in the city’s zoning code. This article provides a brief overview of the key proposed changes to Salt Lake City’s ADU ordinance: what changed, what did not change and a snapshot of how neighboring cities have amended their own ADU ordinances.

And cut through the inefficiencies of the recruitment industry to discover the heart of hiring.

Utah’s gig economy is revolutionizing work, but its challenges must be addressed to ensure sustained prosperity.

When your business needs a standardized contract, it’s tempting to reach for Google and ChatGPT. After all, you’re smart and you’re going to review each clause of the contract before using it, right? But even a good clause—maybe even one that is perfectly drafted—can bite you.

The intertwined relationship of sports and the economy comes down to young athletes.

The newly developed, FDA-cleared, and CLIA-waived BIOFIRE® SPOTFIRE® system by bioMérieux, brings the power of PCR testing directly to point-of-care facilities, such as urgent care clinics among many others.

OxEon Energy’s innovations could produce oxygen on Mars, supporting life across the solar system.

Here’s what you need to know about social media algorithms from local social media experts.

And built a brand that empowers individuals to have important conversations.

The company mitigated over 150,000 tons of methane emissions in just one year.

Ogden-based WhiteClouds landed big deals with their big 3D printing skills.

Federal policy prerogatives reflect a strategic vision for Utah’s strong and resilient economy.

Beyond a reputation for delicious made-from-scratch menus and stunning event spaces, one of the biggest reasons groups return to Little America year after year is the people diligently working behind-the-scenes. Especially people like Javier Robles.

Becton, Dickinson and Company is championing the “one-stick hospital stay.”

What is the future of coal in Utah—and mining in general?

Employer-sponsored healthcare centers, like the Salt Lake City Network, are growing in popularity to help address the need, improve employee health, and lower healthcare costs.

And leveraged the power of human connection to drive success.

In the major growth market of government-funded tourism boards, Zartico data becomes indispensable for Utah’s visitor economy.

For this month’s venture capital spotlight, Rob Hennefer of Frame VC writes about investing in Holdings.

A celebration of those who are working toward a more equitable and inclusive future in Utah.

Redefine success, starting with mental health.

A new mental health app knows how you are really feeling—and wants to help.

If you’re running a small or medium-sized business, you probably already know: Keeping your finances straight is as important as it is challenging. Luckily, outsourced CFO services have become more and more commonplace as a solution to this quandary.

This annual event cements the state as a global leader in outdoor recreation.

We’re thinking about this resource all wrong.

Art and music events infuse millions into Utah’s economy and unite communities. With support, the value of the arts could grow even larger.

A look into the industries at the heart of Utah.

Utah’s most prominent donors share what they’ve learned about charitable giving.

And built a million-dollar company while putting life first.

Situated on 26 acres in the heart of Round Valley, this exceptional meeting venue also offers a wheelchair-accessible high ropes challenge course for team-building activities and disability awareness training that aligns seamlessly with your organization’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.

What created the perfect storm for Utah’s thriving fantasy publishing industry?

Merit3D makes 3D printing more viable.

For this month’s venture capital spotlight, Zach Sivertson of Prelude Venture Fund writes about investing in alphaMountain.

And passed legislation to provide free period products in every public school in Utah.

We have the culture; we can set the standard.

A founder’s dream could create an investor’s nightmare.

How STRKTR helped Jacobsen Construction express its “Built for Life” credo.

Neuroimmune axis disorders like long COVID, chronic fatigue syndrome and POTS may soon have a cure.

And created a marketplace for small and medium-sized businesses to get access to financing.

It’s shockingly uncommon for founders to stay through their company’s IPO. That’s not always by choice.

UADA and Deseret UAS are combining into one organization.

A conversation on DEI within Utah businesses in 2023.

Coffee and cacao farms partner with Utah businesses for a new form of capitalism.

And harnessed bold entrepreneurship to succeed in her many ventures, from liquor to apparel, entertainment, marketing and more.

The new bill allows immigrants to transfer their skills to new licensure in America.

It takes more than medical care to keep a community healthy. Cross-sector collaboration can help be part of the solution.

When it comes to legal services, Salt Lake City has grown from a regional market to an international one. There’s still more than enough work to go around.

Get to know this year’s honorees.

To help borrowers better understand their loan agreement, what they are certifying to by signing it and the common terms and provisions they will be required to comply with, the following details some of the key sections in a loan agreement and steps that can be taken to allow a borrower to comply with its terms.

And rose above his humble roots to create Utah’s first native Black-owned seed-stage venture fund.

An investment in baseball would be an investment in Utah’s future.

Meet the inaugural honorees of this esteemed award.

The Utah Inland Port Authority hopes to bring economic benefits to the region by opening dry ports in counties throughout the state.