A conversation with venture capital leaders in Utah.

Meet this year’s honorees.

As construction continues on the Post District, fine dining at Urban Hill—its anchoring restaurant—showcases what’s to come.

To many Utahns, it is surprising to learn that Utah has a long-held reputation as the fraud capital of the nation.

And is changing the way we support mothers.

Federal and local government officials, including Utah Gov. Spencer Cox, cite national security concerns.

How to approach your venture with a clear vision, strong leadership skills and a strategic mindset.

As swaths of customers cancel major subscriptions, local companies like Crumbl, Treads and The King’s English Bookshop are finding success through recurring services.

The marketplace wants to level the playing field by providing accessible coaching.

The last two-and-a-half years have created a significant opportunity for companies to [...]

The Inflation Reduction Act incentivizes companies to reduce natural gas leaks. Dominion Energy Wexpro is leading out.

And revolutionized mental health guidance for students, veterans and active service members.

The Little America in Salt Lake City
is an ideal venue for corporate meetings and more intimate gatherings that truly impact and engage.

Restricting when non-competes can be used may be a more practical solution.

Angela Smith writes about Origin Ventures’ seed round investment in pieFi for the first Utah Business Venture Capital Spotlight.

But it hasn’t eliminated the human creative process—yet.

Access to healthy food is just one of the problems plaguing prison systems around the country.

Our partners at Parsons Behle & Latimer share some early-stage protections and basic steps to consider to facilitate a better capital-raising process.

And built on the company’s success to help youth “carry on.”

Utah parks and tourism offices emphasize education for “new to nature” visitors.

The Sundance Film Festival, Outdoor Retailer and NBA All-Star Weekend are projected to have brought $500M to Utah’s economy in 2023.

The Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation is taking a different approach.

Still waiting on your letter to Hogwarts? “Hogwarts Legacy” has you covered.

How Tommy Johnson pivoted his content strategy and built a second income stream.

And made healthy eating more accessible to all.

The Utah company is making it easy to engage remote workers while doing some good in the world.

The NBA was committed to “giving back” during All-Star Weekend. A pitch competition positively impacted Black-owned businesses in Utah and beyond.

Across all industries, overstated sustainability initiatives run rampant.

Gen-Z’s quest for passive income continues.

VR dating through avatars? Instant algorithm-based matches? It’s all on the table.

And used her own health diagnosis as motivation to help inspire confidence in women.

These individuals are changing Utah’s business landscape in big ways.

Long-term succession planning allows for smooth executive transitions when CEOs leave their posts to serve religious missions.

Utah is home to the most famous land art in the world. Are earthworks like this still worth investing in?

This Utah-based fashion designer is making waves. Watch for his creations during the 2023 NBA All-Star Weekend.

Utah still has many of its fee structures in place. Some lawmakers have tried to combat this problem.

Marcus Aurelius’ “Meditations” contains valuable lessons that can help guide success in organizations and teams.

Opportunities include the All-Star Rewards Program, extended hours, a pitch competition and more.

And used his experiences as an American immigrant to improve lives.

Kargi’s viral South Indian beauty tips launched her career as a content creator.

Small changes to Utah’s education system have big impacts, especially for underserved populations.

A conversation with Utah’s industry leaders.

Honorees include Intergalactic, Dirty Dough, Traeger, Tanner LLC, Tafi and more.

The master plans of Utah’s Tooele Valley and South Valley airports are just as important as Salt Lake City International’s.

After the mining boom, skiing kept Park City alive. Now, visitors to Summit County bring over $1 billion to Utah each year.

Crypto lending seizes up as FTX contagion spreads. How is this playing out in Utah?

Fashion resale is expected to grow 11x faster than the primary retail sector, and even reality TV stars are buying into it.

When it comes to corporate gifting, no one wants another tumbler.

The case for electric vehicles and remote work.

And is building a direct healthcare provider to help solve America’s healthcare problem.

Utah reached a new high for hotel capacities in 2022.

The team at Red Raven Games is playing their cards right.

In Utah towns like Park City, 70 percent of homes are often vacant—and housesitters watch over pets and property.

And opening up about taboo topics like gatekeeping and mental health.

Aggressive water conservation is needed in both agricultural and residential areas.