Fast 50

Fast 50 Honorees

Excellence comes in many forms. For the 2015 Fast 50 honorees, each company has exemplified excellence in its own way—through rapid growth, immense tenacity in the face of challenges, diligence and brilliant innovation. The industries represented in the list range from financial services to sport technology to craft beers, showcasing the variety and strength of Utah’s economy and the modern business world. Join us as we applaud the companies that are driving Utah forward.

The 2015 Fast 50 list was calculated based on five years of compound growth combined with a revenue component.

Company Name Year Founded Website Description
1 Alliance Health 2006 Healthcare
2 Crest Financial Services, LLC 2005 No-credit-needed financing
3 Peak Capital Partners 2007 Apartment investment and management company
4 Brahma Group, Inc. 2002 Industrial contractors
5 Progrexion 2000 Consumer credit report repair
6 Pluralsight 2004 Online training for software developers and IT specialists
7 Boostability 2009 Online marketing services
8 StorageCraft Technology Corporation 2003 Backup and disaster recovery solutions
9 Partner Fusion, Inc. 2007 Marketing and technology incubator
10 Jaybird, LLC 2006 Consumer electronics
11 HealthEquity 2002 Health savings trustee
12 ASEA LLC 2010 Celluar health products
13 Diamond Wireless 2000 Verizon Wireless sales and services
14 Cementation USA, Inc. 2008 Mining contracting and engineering
15 Packsize International, LLC 2002 On Demand Packaging® system
16 Candlelight Homes 2009 Residential construction
17 iDrive Logistics 2007 Transportation management and logistics
18 Conservice 2000 Utility management and billing
19 Kneaders Bakery & Cafe 1997 Restaurant, bakery and catering services
20 MX 2010 Financial technology
21 Cariloha 2007 Bamboo bedding, clothing and bath goods
22 OnSite Care, Inc. 2006 Primary care workplace clinics
23 Vivint 1999 Smart home technology and services
24 Auric Solar, LLC 2010 Residential and commercial solar sales
25 Extra Space Storage, Inc. 1977 Self-storage real estate investment trust
26 Genysis Brand Solutions 2003 Nutraceutical manufacturing
27 Solutionreach, Inc. 2000 Patient relationship management platform
28 Workfront 2001 Enterprise work management solution
29 CLEARLINK Technologies, LLC 2003 Digital marketing and sales
30 Health Catalyst 2008 Healthcare outcomes improvement technology and services
31 Silencerco, LLC 2008 Firearm silencers
32 Christopherson Business Travel 1953 Corporate travel management
33 Xyngular Corporation 2009 Health and wellness products
34 Nu Skin Enterprises 1984 Personal care and dietary supplements
35 InMoment 2002 Customer experience optimization
36 Red Sky Solutions, LLC 2004 IT consulting, design and integration
37 IntegraCore, LLC 1989 Third-party logisitics
38 Coates Electrical and Instrumentation Inc. 1994 Electrical & instrument contracting services
39 Simplicity Laser, LLC 2009 Laser hair removal, medical aesthetics
40 VLCM 1983 IT solution provider
41 OptConnect 2008 Wireless network services for ATMs, kiosks, digital signage and other MTM applications
42 Uinta Brewing Company 1993 Craft brewery
43 USANA Health Sciences 1992 Health & wellness
44 Cicero Group 2001 Strategy consulting
45 Xima, LLC 2007 Software and hardware development and sales
46 1999 Online retailer
47 Veritas Funding 2001 Residential mortgage lender
48 Scandia Company 2010 Service company
49 eLearning Brothers 2008 eLearning templates and custom development
TIE 50 Zylun Staffing, LLC 2010 IT staffing
TIE 50 Universal Synaptics Corporation 1996 Advanced intermittent fault testing solutions

Emerging Eight

These companies have been in business a few short years and are already experiencing phenomenal growth.

Company Name Year Founded Website Description
Alterra 2012 Pest control services
Arches Health Plan 2012 Health insurance
Domo 2010 Business management platform
Instructure, Inc. 2008 Learning management platform 2011 Online daily deal boutique
Needle 2010 Advocate-powered customer experience
ProNexis Lead generation, lead management and lead handling services
Younique LLC 2012 Cosmetics


Jeff Smith Alliance Health

Jeff Smith, CEO, Alliance Health

“Technology is a constant challenge. We need to stay innovative if we want to compete in the healthcare space. That means always pushing the limits to build platforms that engage our customers. We brought on a new CIO who has helped tackle these problems head-on and helped us migrate to a more scalable system that will strategically, successfully drive us forward.”
-Jeff Smith, CEO, Alliance Health

“We do good as we do well. … Philanthropic efforts at our apartment communities [include] after-school programs for resident children, financial literacy classes and free or reduced rent for non-profit organizations.”
-Jeff Danley, CEO, Peak Capital Partners

“Our biggest challenge is balancing financial capital and human capital. We’ve kept our focus on these two key elements of our business, which in turn has helped make great things happen.”
-Bob Millerberg, CEO, Crest Financial Services

“The travel industry is growing and changing at a rapid pace. Our company and others like us are pushing innovations that challenge and disrupt traditional companies and old business models. More often than not, however, this disruption takes the form of greater consumer empowerment by giving the consumer access to more information than they ever had before.”
-Daniel A. Nelson, CEO, Partner Fusion

“OnSite’s strong growth is due to having a product/service that solves rising healthcare costs for employers without limiting benefits for employees—but rather providing a more robust health benefit for them. … OnSite has a solid track record with having workplace primary care clinics be our core business, and we are continually revising our processes to improve our efficiency as our company scales. Our value proposition for healthcare providers is to be able to practice medicine outside of the dysfunctional and broken fee-for-service model.”
-Donna L. Milavetz, MD, MPH, FACP (CEO), OnSite Care, Inc.

“Although we are nearly 14 years old, we’ve kept our entrepreneurial spirit. We empower our employees to be entrepreneurs and decide how to be successful in their position and role with the company. By focusing on growing people, we’ve seen company will grow as well.”
– John Sperry, Founder and CEO, InMoment

“We focused on building a strong foundation and creating a culture that would attract people that were smarter and better than ourselves. Our team cares about our clients, they care about their co-workers and they care about our industry. And they are dedicated to making sure that we are building a strong brand and reputation. We believe that we could take the foundation, the team and our culture and be successful in almost any industry. We firmly believe that you can do the right thing and have success. It is the only way to build a company that will last.”
-Jess Phillips, Owner and Co-Founder, Auric Solar

“When you experience rapid growth, it’s hard to realize quickly enough what was working great for you a few years ago isn’t anymore. Taking the time to think strategically and embracing change while hanging on to core values is key to sustainable growth.”
-Steve Mills, CEO, Uinta Brewing Company

“I love to see all of our clients’ businesses grow. Our service enables technology companies to scale their development teams quickly. Our growth is tied to their growth.”
-Brigham Tomco, CEO, Zylun

“We’re working hard to grow our list of sellers so we can diversify our product offering and increase the quantity of deals being offered. With that comes the challenge of getting the right products in front of the people who are most interested in buying them. That is being worked on right now and we’re really excited to how it’s received.”
-Mike McEwan, CEO,

“We had to find the best brands and early adopters and get them to use our services so that others would follow. This was difficult. So we got a bus, filled it with advocates, and drove it around the country to prove that advocates are the way of the future. It worked, and as a result, we now work with leading brands across most major e-commerce industries.”
-Morgan Lynch, CEO/Founder, Needle

Photography by Eric Delphenich

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