The benefits of an ERC program

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Business owners have faced more challenges in the past few years than ever before. Many resources advertise how they can assist business owners, but knowing which ones are the most beneficial is crucial. My company, Get Your ERC Refunds LLC, provides free Employee Retention Credit (ERC) consultations and lets you know if you qualify for the Employee Retention Credit program. You pay no fee until you receive a refund. If you got a PPP loan, you can get as many as six ERC refunds.

It is important to understand that the ERC program benefits business owners because it is a payroll tax refund, not another loan program. ERC rewards employers for retaining W2 employees during Covid. If you qualify, you can receive up to $26,000 per W2 full-time employee for 2020 and 2021. 

How to qualify

Businesses, churches, charter schools, and nonprofits can qualify with as few as five to as many as 500 full-time employees. If your tax professional told you that you did not meet the Revenue Reduction requirement, you could likely qualify through supply chain disruption or partial or full shutdown. Based on our knowledge of the ERC program, we will maximize any qualifications available to your company. I have personally helped 90 percent of businesses who have contacted me receive ERC refunds through these avenues. If your business had supply chain constraints, you could likely qualify. You may qualify if your commerce was limited by reduced capacity, reduction in hours, travel restrictions, canceled meetings and other effects of Covid restrictions.

Why choose ERC for your business?

I have a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to helping you get the money you deserve for your business. We are a specialty payroll tax refunds service company exclusively dedicated to understanding and maximizing the CARES Act Employee Retention Credit for businesses with less than 500 full-time employees affected negatively by Covid restrictions. This is an opportunity to further support your business and continue to invest in your future despite the challenges you have faced.

  • We average 10-20 percent more funding than a CPA unfamiliar with the highly complex tax code and qualifications.
  • We can evaluate your claim to ensure maximum credit.
  • We provide faster results and faster funding.
  • You don’t pay any fee until you have received refund checks. 
  • We specialize in ERC, allowing us to find more funding for your business.
  • We offer a quick and easy process along with professional support.

The process

First, we determine whether your business qualifies. Then we review your payroll documentation and PPP information to maximize your credit with the IRS. We will provide you with an analysis of the exact amount of ERC refunds we will file on your behalf. After you sign the agreement, forms are submitted to the IRS. On average, the IRS refund process takes 4-5 months to complete. Once processed, your refund checks will be mailed directly to you from the IRS.

I’ve helped companies like yours to get over 20 million dollars in ERC refunds. The company I represent is in Orem, Utah and has 200+ full-time employees who only do ERC. Call (801) 895-3777 to schedule your free consultation, and leave your name and cell number if I’m unavailable. I will personally call you back within 24 hours. Visit to learn more.