How a tradition of excellence makes event planning feel effortless

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At the onset of planning any well-orchestrated event, the actual outlining and execution can feel like an insurmountable task. With numerous moving pieces that all need to find a way to fall into place, meeting and event planners know how critical it is to have a seasoned team of professionals behind them. With a reputation for excellence in support and event execution, Little America Hotel has been a go-to venue for event planners for generations, and for good reason.

Consistency counts

As director of catering sales for both the Little America and its sister property, The Grand America Hotel, Bailee George has a lot of insight on the key differences that bring groups back to Little America for their special events and corporate meetings, time and time again. Some groups, she says, have even held their events at the hotel since it first opened. Above all, their clients know that this team delivers not only a level of excellent service but that they are able to deliver excellence consistently. With Little America’s team behind them, planners don’t need to worry about getting support or wonder about the success of their event. No matter the size, scope, or style of the event, the wealth of resources available through this team makes all the difference. 

As such, when returning to Little America for additional events, many planners actually ask for staff by name. These relationships are a crucial part of the identity of the hotel, and, according to George, these relationships are reciprocated in turn by the Little America team. From remembering the exact catering menu, a group likes to order to remembering and bringing a client’s favorite caffeinated drink to a planning meeting, the catering and banquets teams have the history and experience that makes their clients feel both understood and well-cared for. 

Made-from-scratch mentality

Among the local community of Salt Lake City, Little America is well-known for its restaurants on the property and for its commitment to made-from-scratch meals delivered every day. This commitment extends to the elegant and creative menus served up by the hotel’s banquets team. On this subject, George is adamant–there is nothing cookie-cutter about the food at Little America. In fact, some menu items are so beloved they’ve obtained permanent placement on the menu–including their traditional Bread Pudding and iconic, fresh-from-the-oven Dinner Rolls. But while the history behind the menus is a huge draw for clients, Little America takes great care to never fall into stasis, always moving forward and introducing new menu items to the table. In this vein, George specifically notes Little America’s talented in-house pastry team, led by Chef Blanca Vazquez. While the quality and intricacy of pastries remain, this talented team is always innovating so that, no matter how many times a group has come together at Little America, the dessert course will always delight and surprise.

Full support for first-time planners

While the team at Little America thrives on the longstanding trust built with repeat clients, they also jump at the opportunity to welcome new groups into the Little America family. George notes that their team is especially equipped to support and collaborate with first-time event planners. Because Little America has the unique ability to provide many in-house services, including fully in-house AV support, catering, and banquet teams, meetings and event planning can come to life all in one place. According to George, her team is always available to help guide. Whether designing room setups and configurations or planning menus, they work very closely with each client to bring each unique vision to life.

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