Dr. Nathan Mondragon: Studying behavior to build better teams

Many may underestimate how much data and psychology goes into hiring, promoting and building a strong team. It’s that psychological complexity that drove HireVue, as a provider of digital video solutions to help companies build successful teams, to hire Dr. Nathan Mondragon as its chief industrial organizational (IO) psychologist.

Mondragon brings with him decades of IO experience within the talent management and technology domain. Prior to joining HireVue, Mondragon spent time at Oracle as director of product strategy and lead organizational psychologist, as well as chief IO at Taleo Corp. He’s also held leadership positions with Dell and CEB.

At HireVue, Mondragon specializes in human behavior at work

“It’s funny, I almost always have to explain to people what it is I do,” Mondragon laughs. “My job has me dealing with all sorts of behavioral issues. Through various videos, I figure out how we can help customers and companies solve many of these issues. As we design a job performance and review system or produce employee engagement surveys, we can explore different outcomes for companies and execute specialized coaching strategies.”

Mondragon and his team use this data to also see if employees are ready for a promotion. They also determine if a person is likely to stay at a job for the long term through things like facial cues and tone of voice.

Outside of work, Mondragon embraces his role as a father and husband. “I don’t want to be cliché, but [my motivation] is my kids and family,” he says. “Once, I was asked to put three words that describe myself on a business card. They were dad, husband and coach. My number one job is to make sure my kids lead a better life and be a better person than me. If I do that, then I’ve left the world in good hands.”

An ardent soccer fan, Mondragon also finds motivation through coaching. He ran a soccer club in Colorado for years before he relocated to Utah for work. “I love soccer. I absolutely love playing it, watching it and coaching it,” he says.

Coaching is a strong theme with Mondagon. He attributes his success to learning from those who trained him throughout his life—his parents, as well as other coaches and former bosses. “One of my first bosses taught me more in six months than my time at grad school. Through him, I was able to tailor my life both in the business world and with my family,” he says.

With that experience, and with his position at HireVue, Mondragon says he’s excited to see what he can bring to the table for the company in the next 10 years. Even though he says the company is currently in startup mode, he believes its model and expertise will turn the market upside down.

“I’m jazzed. To solve client’s problems and be a consultant to companies is an exciting adventure,” says Mondragon. “Our leadership is right, the platforms are right, the team is right. We are going to create some big waves.”