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The latest update in the Utah Cookie Wars includes a public statement about the lawsuit from executives at Crumbl.

Crumbl releases public statement in the Utah Cookie Wars

Salt Lake City— Utah Lawsuits were recently filed in order to protect Crumbl’s trademarks, trade dress, and other intellectual property against two businesses that crossed the line. Crumbl is committed to protecting its brand, customers, employees, and the thousands of entrepreneurs who have poured their souls into making Crumbl what it is today. 

While we have remained silent as the process moves through appropriate legal channels, the defendants have taken to social media to spread misinformation and garner public sentiment. We believe it is appropriate to restate a few fundamental facts. 

The defendants both formed businesses copying Crumbl’s processes, trademarks, and trade dress in a confusingly similar way. Both defendants have unique ties to Crumbl despite saying otherwise

One of the defendant’s brothers, who we also believe was involved in the defendant’s business, was a former corporate employee of Crumbl who had access to our recipes, schematics, processes, and other proprietary information. We have recently been told by a whistleblower, with insider knowledge, that the defendant misappropriated this information. 

We trust the courts and the legal process and feel confident that even more truth will come to light. 

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  • Robyn

    The cookie wars is so unattractive on the businesses involved – and a bad PR move. It reminds me of Young Living vs DoTerra. There is enough space for everyone, competition is ok and good even. If what you have is that good, focus on what you do well and leave the competition alone.


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