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This month, our partners at Comcast share how and why they formed their partnership with Tech-Moms Utah.

Comcast forms Tech-Moms partnership to strengthen women

Since 1987, National Women’s History Month has been recognized each March, honoring women who quietly and profoundly influence society, culture, families, and communities. Recently, one Utah non-profit organization, Tech-Moms, has intentionally focused on helping women transition into tech careers and find successful employment.

To no one’s surprise, numerous Utah women are answering the call and learning coding curriculum from expert tech trainers.

Recognizing the incredible value of women’s contributions in Utah, Comcast is partnering with Tech-Moms as its 2022 title sponsor to accelerate Tech-Moms services and to help more women discover talents in a business climate desperate for their services.

“The contributions women make in Utah are incredible,” says Deneiva Knight, Director of External Affairs at Comcast. “That’s one reason we are partnering with Tech-Moms. We want to help provide women the opportunity to build the skills, knowledge, and professional network they need to transition into or re-enter a career in tech.”

Comcast, which has donated $15,000 in 2021 and is donating $42,000 this year to Tech-Moms, has a history of community investment to bring digital equity to communities. Project UP is just one recent example where Utah’s leading Internet provider has invested over $100,000 into Utah’s digital world. The sizeable contribution provided 35 free WiFi-connected safe spaces, called Lift Zones, for students and adults, new laptop and computer donations, and digital equity grants to help low-income Utahns have access to the Internet.

With Comcast’s support of cash and in-kind support, Tech-Moms can better introduce women to careers that could change their lives. As more tech jobs become available, women are empowered to apply for positions they’d never considered.

But Tech-Moms does more than teach skills. It also provides in-depth career exploration so women can find the path that is right for them.

“Perhaps most important, the program helps women feel like they belong, with a support group that supplies ongoing coaching, classes, events, social media groups, and more,” says Knight.

Through part-time training programs, Tech-Moms Director of Outreach Robbyn Scribner says they provide students with the opportunity to build the skills, knowledge, and a professional network needed to transition into or re-enter a career in tech.

With classes led by an expert technical trainer, students learn the coding curriculum (HTML, CSS, and intro to JavaScript), build their personal website, and explore a wide variety of possible tech careers, Scribner says.

Is it working? Women are landing jobs, getting raises, and making a difference. One graduate has tripled her income, another received a raise five times greater than in her past jobs. The tech-trained women are seen and appreciated. More pay, more benefits, more satisfaction, more confidence. Some have arranged to do remote working, which, they say, gives them valuable job assignments while juggling home duties.

“I really am loving my new job so much more than I ever could have imagined,” says Tech-Moms participant Sherrie Hall. “Also, I didn’t realize that this was what has been missing from my life. It feels so good to work and has been awesome for my mental health. Wish I would have found Tech-Moms sooner.”

The takeaway? Utah is ripe with opportunities to help one another reach higher, even in today’s business climate.

Comcast leaders have chosen Tech-Moms because it helps close the digital divide of haves and have-nots by strengthening women, which influences families and in turn, improves our communities. Empowering women build stronger homes. Providing tech skills brings confidence, brings a timely voice to relevant issues, and makes a substantive contribution to communities.

Whether it’s health care, travel choices, school options, or child development, women influence a significant number of choices in the home and, by extension, in our communities. Applying tech skills in today’s remote-work environment allows them to focus more on the things that matter most.

“Closing the digital divide so more Utahns can take advantage of Internet service cannot happen soon enough and supporting Tech-Moms is one more significant step in that direction,” says Knight.

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