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Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Announces Family Leave Policy

Salt Lake City—Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals President & CEO John Lauck introduced a significant change to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals employee benefits: the Family Leave policy, which encompasses paid leave for birth of child, adoption, serious illness of employee or family member, death of family member, miscarriage and military duty or care for serviceman/woman.

“At Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals we value our employees. We also recognize that our employees have many different types of families and are at different stages in their lives,” said John Lauck, President & CEO. “The Family Leave policy is aimed at best serving all our employees and their families through a variety of life’s experiences.”

The Family Leave policy provides all Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals employees up to eight weeks of paid time off annually for any of the events listed above. The policy takes effect beginning immediately. This benefit is also in addition to the short- and long-term disability benefits that Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals offers its employees.

This policy change was brought forth by a group of largely millennial employees who identified that Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ benefits could better serve working parents.

“At Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals we have a cultural belief called ‘Speak Up, I’m Listening'” said Blair Janis, Senior Manager, Dance Marathon, who spearheaded the effort. “After speaking with many of my colleagues, we felt compelled to approach senior leadership about parental leave. A diverse and solution-oriented group worked together – and senior leadership listened. The result is an incredible employee benefit. We are proud to work at an organization where values align with action, and policy, in every way.”

The Family Leave policy complements a host of benefits available to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals employees including: 18.5 percent salary retirement contribution (without any matching requirement), flexible working hours (summer hours and half days before holidays), free soda and snacks at headquarters and generous medical and dental benefits. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals also receives highest ranking possible (four stars) from Charity Navigator; the organization has one of the lowest costs per dollar raised (6 cents), much lower than the industry average (20 cents).

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ is headquartered in Salt Lake City, and has employees located throughout the United States (working remotely).