Champions of the C-Suite Honored at Annual Event

The leaders and innovators in the C-suites of Utah’s top companies were honored Thursday at Utah Business‘ 2016 CXO of the Year Awards at the Grand America Hotel.

KUTV’s Mark Koebel, who served as master of ceremonies at the event, said the variety of leaders represented by the awards was representative of the diverse business climate of the state—and contributed to Utah’s blazing economic growth.

“These companies are growing in Utah’s great business climate, and they’re growing with your intuition, your efforts,” he said. “These companies are led by some great CXOs.”

Utah Business‘ Sam Urie said the ability to change according to growth was displayed by each of the CXOs being honored at the event, which was sponsored by Stoel Rives, Summit Group Communications, Digital Bytes Production and Design, Webb Audio Visual, and Pluralsight.

“Our honorees each come from companies that are evolving and ever-expanding. To make that happen, leaders must first understand how and why the company will evolve, and then communicate that vision to the entire organization. That may sound simple, but it is actually quite difficult,” he said. “All of our honorees today have been successful in leading their teams through challenges toward a shared vision of success. Each of them contributes their expertise and leadership in the C-suite.”

To learn more about each of the 15 honorees recognized Thursday, please see our feature from our June issue.