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Assure closes more than 1,000 deals in first half of 2021, announces VC Fund administration for the Emerging Manager.

Assure shatters records

Assure, the world leader in Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) set-up and administration, is currently experiencing high levels of growth as a market and industry leader. Its growth is increasing exponentially, with this year’s number nearly doubling over the same time last year. In just the first six months of 2021, Assure closed more than 1,000 SPVs, representing a 290 percent increase in the first six months of the company’s record-setting 2020 performance.

To extend its innovative administration offerings to the community of micro venture capital fund managers, the company has introduced VC Fund Administration for the Emerging Manager. 

Assure’s history of growth and innovation

Assure was launched in 2012 by co-founders Jeremy and Katie Neilson, to administer and maintain an investment entity from start to finish for a single, flat fee. The end product developed was the Assure Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). 

The Assure SPV has led the movement to democratize private investing, in large part by reinventing the structured vehicle. Assure created the product used by such innovators as AngelList, EquityZen, Republic, Tribeca Angel, TechCoast Angels, and SeedInvest to provide a new class of fast, cost-effective SPV entities for clients ranging from angels to VCs to syndicates.

Since 2013, when Assure established the SPV services industry category, the company has consistently achieved annual growth of 150 percent to 200 percent on SPV creation. The company has closed more than 6,600 deals, approaching $7.5 billion under management, by more than 1,300 clients.

Expanding an already robust product line

Assure recognizes the need to be able to meet that growth velocity in terms of providing the highest quality service levels to its clients, and now the company is introducing a sought-after service for Emerging Fund Managers, an affordable VC Fund Administration.  

Assure is combining its industry-leading SPV products with its highly experienced team that has serviced every structure and every administrative feature ever conceived by the industry.  Assure’s Emerging VC Fund administration product is perfectly positioned to provide the necessary services at an affordable price to those new fund managers that are raising smaller funds and don’t have the resources to administer their fund in-house. 

Katie Neilson, Assure CRO, says, “Assure’s innovative spirit and commitment to providing economical transparent service to the next generation of deal organizers is what has driven the release of this new Assure product.” 

The new VC Fund products allow emerging managers to outsource back-end administrative services in a simple and cost-effective manner, whether they are at a “fund one” level or an experienced fund manager.

“Assure is honored to serve at the forefront of the continuing evolution of the structured vehicle marketplace, which is creating an expanding universe of opportunities for both founders and investors,” says Jeremy Neilson, co-founder and CEO of Assure. “As fund administration continues to bend cost and time curves downward, an ever-more diverse community of innovators is empowered as never before to fund products and services that change lives and remake the world.”

Discover more about Assure or request a demonstration of VC Fund Administration at

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