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A Year-In-Review with Jive Communications

2018 has been a year of major celebration, change, and growth for Jive Communications. After nearly 12 years as a stand-alone company, we announced in the early part of the year that LogMeIn had acquired Jive Communications. As with any major company change, there were unknowns associated with this decision. However, we’ve believed since the beginning that the cloud would enable the integration of all core business communication elements – and joining LogMeIn was a major step in helping us to fulfill that vision.

Shifting from being a privately held company to a top-5, publicly-traded SaaS company was a major change, but the acquisition has offered Jive more opportunities to expand, develop, and innovate while setting our customers up to receive the most comprehensive UCaaS product suite in the industry. Any way you need to communicate or collaborate — whether internal or external, through voice, video conference, webinar, text or screen share — you can now accomplish with integrated tools from one trusted provider. We eliminate friction for our customers by bringing these applications into a single experience.

In the last year, Jive has introduced a number of new features and functionalities into its unified communications platform, designed to drive more efficient workflows, improve device and user security, and provide remote access for users regardless of their location. This year, we’ve introduced new functionalities like Hot Desking – a feature that allows multiple employees to share workspace and devices across different shifts. We’ve also made it easier for teams on the go with Visual Voicemail on mobile devices. We are continuously making improvements to existing Jive products and in the past year we’ve launched well-received updates to award-winning features such as Visual Dial Plans, to easily route incoming calls; Jive Business Continuity, for unparalleled uptime; and Jive Web, which allows users to call, chat and collaborate from a web browser.

Jive’s biggest product update of 2018 is the rollout of The Connect PRO Bundle. This offering integrates the best of Jive’s cloud-based telephony solutions with GoToMeeting’s cloud-based video conferencing product to offer businesses instant savings, a simpler user experience, and additional ways to connect with anyone, anywhere, on any device. This is the first of many exciting product pairings to come as a result of joining the LogMeIn family.

When looking back on 2018, I can honestly say that the peaks we have reached – after so many years of hard work and overcoming challenges – are due to the incredibly talented and devoted people at Jive. They’ve truly been the difference. We are lucky to have such devoted employees and such an enjoyable culture in each of our locations across the world, including our HQ right here in Utah County. It has been enjoyable to see so much innovation here in Utah and we look forward to being a part of that technological and economic backbone well into the future.

As always, we sincerely thank our employees, customers, and communities for making Jive such a success. We are truly blessed.

Written by John Pope |  Senior Vice President | Jive at LogMeIn

A Year-In-Review with Jive Communications was originally published on Silicon Slopes