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A New Social Club Is Coming To Salt Lake City

A new social club is coming to Salt Lake City

In 2020 our social, vibrant, and interactive world went into lockdown. Social distancing became part of our day-to-day norm and Zoom became the new way to engage. 

“We’ve learned a lot about what’s really valuable,” says George Cardon-Bystry, co-founder and CEO at Edison House. “We’ve all been through a pandemic together, and the vast majority of people would agree that real social interaction—not the Zoom kind—is something critical to our well being.”

Cue Edison House, Salt Lake City’s newest, exclusive social club. Currently under construction, it will be located in the heart of downtown at 335 South 200 West. 

Edison House is the brainchild of brothers Charlie Cardon and George Cardon-Bystry. Both Salt Lake natives, the Cardon brothers both graduated from Notre Dame and have turned Edison House into a family business. In fact, the business started out of UCLA as George’s master thesis. 

“We’ve both obviously had a passion for business and entrepreneurship, it’s close to both of our hearts. We both bring really different but strong talents to the table, so it was an obvious partnership,” says George. “And then the fact that we both grew up here and are brothers kind of made it that much more fun.”

As Salt Lake continues to grow and become a major tech hub—think Silicon Slopes—the city will only continue to grow. George and Charlie see that growth potential and are jumping on the opportunity to add something new to the mix. 

“We see all the growth that’s happening here and we think the time is right for somebody to come in and offer something like this,” George says. “We see the sort of dynamics of the city really shifting and we think we can help bring some of that big-city flair to Salt Lake.”

Edison House is a one-of-a-kind, 35,000 square foot clubhouse that aims to be “a home away from home” for its members. It’s nothing like the antiquated country clubs of a certain generation, but instead is a modern, chic space where people can interact, mingle, make new friends, and enjoy all-day amenities. 

With a rooftop pool, bar, and daily workout classes, Edison House is creating a modern country club for a new generation.
A breakout nook in The Edison House. Photos appear courtesy of Edison House

“We anticipate that you could come in at six o’clock in the morning and get a workout in. Then, if you wanted to, you could hang out and send emails, have lunch and have business meetings, and then in the evening, you know, at five o’clock, it’s happy hour so that’s sort of the nightlife side of the business,” says Charlie. 

Edison House will feature several amenities, unique events, and immersive, intriguing experiences for all its members. The clubhouse itself is equipped with restaurants and bars; a fitness center with locker rooms; a piano parlor, sports lounge, billiards room, and tap room;  a rooftop bar and theater, as well as an open-air pool. Access to these amenities is included with the annual membership. 

With a rooftop pool, bar, and daily workout classes, Edison House is creating a modern country club for a new generation.
The planned exterior of The Edison House. Photos appear courtesy of The Edison House

The social club will also have a standard event calendar with things like weekly trivia nights. In addition to the recurring events, Edison House will also “provide programming and events for members that you can’t find in Salt Lake that’ll expand [members] horizons.” 

These additional engaging experiences include everything from hard rock to classical music concerts. They’ll host charity events, galas, and themed parties inspired by the rip-roaring 20s. For the foodie members, Edison House will have cocktail, mixology classes, and wine and cheese tastings as part of their food and beverage program. 

With a rooftop pool, bar, and daily workout classes, Edison House is creating a modern country club for a new generation.
The Piano Lounge at The Edison House. Photos appear courtesy of The Edison House

Annual membership fees range from $125 to $200 per month with initial onboarding fees and the option for life partner add-ons at a reduced rate. This may seem expensive, but if you compare it to popular fitness programs where five classes can cost upwards of $150 alone, you’re getting much, much more out of your monthly Edison House membership. 

The amenities themselves are a persuasive part of the club’s membership, but the other meaningful perk of Edison House is the community. “We’re working to curate this community of really amazing, interesting, growth-minded people,” Charlie says.

With a rooftop pool, bar, and daily workout classes, Edison House is creating a modern country club for a new generation.
The restaurant at The Edison House. Photos appear courtesy of The Edison House

That attitude is exactly what Charlie and George seek to create with their community of Edison House members. Edison House isn’t a social club specific to niche groups like creatives, business people, or golf aficionados. It seeks diversity and representation across the board. George says “that diversity is what gives the club its strength.”

“We think we’re going to be able to build a really exciting community of people from different backgrounds, interests, and industries,” George says. “And we’re going to do it all in a space that we think will be one of the most exciting and interesting buildings downtown.”

One of the bars on the property. Photos appear courtesy of Edison House

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  • Steve

    So douchey. I already know that anyone interested in this type of club is not someone I want to surround myself with.

  • Richard Altman

    Sounds great. A wonderful place for wealthy business people who already have or could have access to all amenities. But, how about a place like this for the average person with a bit less dripping elegance but with all the amenities that an individual cannot usually afford. This would make the average joe/Josephine have a better life & would appeal to a larger portion of the populace. How about it!

  • Leslie Petty

    Love the vibe. I wish I lived in SLC … or Utah!
    Who’s doing the interior design for this iconic space?

    • George

      Thanks Leslie! The interiors are done by Avenue Interior Design, an all-female firm out of Los Angeles that specializes in boutique hospitality.

  • Audra Hajj

    This looks amazing! Love the feel. Count me in!

  • Marci Rasmussen

    We look forward to having you in our neighborhood! Looks amazing..Great addition to our Downtown Area!

  • Madi

    This sounds awesome! When is it set to open?

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