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A conversation about creating the city of the future

Utah Business speaks with Salt Lake City mayor Erin Mendenhall, Salt Lake City city planner Nick Norris, and Granary District developer Jason Winkler about their visions for the future of downtown Salt Lake City.

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    Anna Roberts

    I’m a student of Civil Engineering at the U and I love hearing that the city is working to develop in a sustainable, walkable direction. This is what my fellow students and I are hoping to see and hoping to be a part of once we graduate. Thank you for all the hard work!

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    Bretton Lind

    You can save a tremendous amount of parking development cost, by utilizing self-parking cars that don’t require doors to open on the sides, which shrinks the footprint for each car. Of course they would have to be the new electric cars with onboard computing (like Tesla’s) that would promote the purchase of those vehicles, which also solves the emissions challenge. Also, many EV’s are smaller and take up less space and you eliminate the need to walk from the parking to your destination. The car drops you off and then parks itself at these designated EV, compact parking areas. A lot of people still want to drive, no walk, bike, etc. when they go downtown. Something to consider for these OZ areas that are close by that actual venues we want to reach. Thoughts?

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