5 Ways To Create An Amazing Culture: A FREE Webinar

5 ways to create an amazing culture

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Business leaders recognize that the highest performing companies are the ones who have worked at building great cultures. There is a direct correlation between business performance and strong working teams, and at the core of these high-performance teams is a culture where employees feel appreciated for their work, connected to their coworkers, and have a great relationship with their managers. It’s these principles that motivate employees to deliver amazing results. Parties, perks, and picnics are fun, but they aren’t the things that create great company cultures. Many organizations are taking an honest look at themselves and saying “out” with the ping pong tables and “in” with building a meaningful culture that really makes a difference. Join Claudia Reese, senior director of human resources at NetDocuments and Scott Johnson, founder and CEO at Motivosity, as they share strategy and pragmatic advice about how to build a great culture.

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