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Best Companies To Work For

2018 Best Companies To Work For Honorees

From micro companies with only 25 employees to massive companies with over 2,500, more than 100 of Utah’s finest businesses applied to be named the best place to work in Utah. But after hearing from their employees, our third-party evaluation process turned up some clear winners. Here’s where you should be sending your next cover letter.

Micro Companies

97th Floor

Marketing & Advertising | Lehi, UT | 47 Utah Employees

Perks: 401k match, free library and book club, results-only working environment (ROWE), shared corporate ski passes, shared Top Golf passes, onsite gym and showers, parental leave, unlimited vacation, and UTA passes.

What employees are saying: “Almost all of our top employees and senior team were promoted from within. We have women in prominent positions. Our growth team is entirely made up of women and our sales team is run by a woman. I love that.”


Marketing & Advertising | Salt Lake City, UT | 25 Utah Employees

What employees are saying: “The best office culture I have ever been a part of. Excited every day to come to work, give 110 percent, and take every opportunity to learn more. The office environment makes me want to work hard. I want to do my best because I know colleagues and management will notice, thank, and provide growth opportunities and my work won’t be unnoticed.”

Perks: Flexible work schedule, espresso machine, unlimited PTO, tuition reimbursement, competitive compensation, company summits, and a dog-friendly office.

Grant Victor

Financial Services | Kaysville, UT | 39 Utah Employees

Perks: Thank God It’s Free Friday Lunch, paid gym membership, tuition and certification reimbursement, retirement contribution, semi-annual company events, standing desks, and humanitarian trips.

What employees are saying: “Grant Victor has a great culture and I like how community service is encouraged. Several employees have served the community locally, in Puerto Rico, and in Kenya. We are all given opportunities and are encouraged to serve.”

Ident Solutions

Computer Software | Farmington, UT | 30 Utah Employees

Perks: Unlimited PTO, use of company vacation condos in St. George and Bear Lake, Costco memberships, fully covered healthcare premiums, maximum company contribution to HSA, 401k match, Lagoon day, and movie nights.

What employees are saying: “The culture is my favorite part of working here. I feel free to offer up my ideas and opinions, and that others listen. When we are looking for a solution to a problem, the only thing that matters to anyone is the truth and that we uncover it. Nobody is worried about credit or protecting their own ideas. Usually, the solution ends up being a mix of contributions from the entire group.”

Love Communications

Marketing & Advertising | Salt Lake City, UT | 37 Utah Employees

Perks: Profit sharing, annual bonuses, HSA contributions, flexible work schedules, semi-annual bonuses, profit sharing, and complimentary snacks.

What employees are saying: “Love Communications is built on a foundation of ingenuity and creativity. It is a place that encourages left-brain thinkers to break creative barriers. Love Communications provides a family style work environment where all involved immediately feel love and support. No matter your ideas, no matter your background, no matter your personal beliefs, you will be accepted and given the opportunity to thrive at Love Communications. We are one of a kind.”

PrincePerelson & Associates

Staffing & Recruiting | Salt Lake City, UT | 32 Utah Employees

Perks: In-office pilates, fully stocked break rooms, paid parking, flexible work hours, monthly company outings, HSA, and company trips.

What employees are saying: “I love the culture and environment. PrincePerelson & Associates is a wonderful company to work for that really appreciates what we all do as individuals. Also, working with this team so far has been a complete joy! They do a lot of company activities and it’s so wonderful to be able to hang out with people that you work with!”

Tesani Companies

Information Technology and Services | Provo, UT | 36 Utah Employees

Perks: Free daily lunches, in-house chef, annual trips to Lake Powell, maverick speaker series, free audio books, competitive bonuses, company swag, unlimited PTO, and company laptops.

What employees are saying: “Not only are Tesani Companies focused on recruiting top talent, they are also focused on developing top talent. I’ve never seen or heard of a company investing so much in their employees. They’ve figured out that happy employees and happy teams are the most productive. When your company takes care of you so well, you can’t help but want to do everything you can to contribute to your company’s success. There is a huge focus on mentorship and collaboration. I’ve learned more being here than I have anywhere else. Being here is the best professional decision I’ve made.”

Your Employment Solutions

Staffing & Recruiting | Logan, UT; North Salt Lake, UT; Ogden, UT; Salt Lake City, UT; West Valley City, UT | 38 Utah Employees

Perks: Fully covered covered health insurance, flexible work schedules, PTO, company parties, company swag, personalized Christmas gifts, and profit sharing opportunities.

What employees are saying: “I believe and trust in our ownership to lead us in the right direction. We are always trying and figuring out new ways to cultivate and be ahead of the curve. If it weren’t for the growth I’ve seen in myself and in this company the past five years, I would not be here.”

Small Companies

Apex Family Dental

Healthcare | Clearfield, UT; Draper, UT; Murray, UT; Riverton, UT; Sandy, UT; Stansbury Park, UT | 90 Utah Employees

Perks: Free gym membership, fully covered family dental insurance, fully covered family benefits, bonus rewards, Audible accounts, performance-based bonuses, flexible work schedules, and educational training.

What employees are saying: “This company has been one of the best I have worked for in many years. I am not young any longer and this job provides me with the work-home balance I need. They offer flexible hours and are a great team of people. I love each person who works here, especially the upper management team. They help when needed and they are always approachable for anything we ever need. Apex is a great company for me and my family.”

Big Leap

Marketing & Advertising | Lehi, UT; Salt Lake City, UT | 55 Utah Employees

Perks: Half day Fridays, 401k match, cell phone reimbursement, free haircuts and dry cleaning, unlimited PTO, team activities, extended parental leave, flexible work schedules, and remote work opportunities.

What employees are saying: “I really like the new growth plan that the company is rolling out. It is very transparent and shows you how to progress within the company, what your next goal is, and what your compensation plan is. We are encouraged to clock two hours of education time each week and are consistently sent to different digital marketing conferences so we stay up to date within our industry.”

Diversified Insurance Group

Insurance | Orem, UT; Salt Lake City, UT | 53 Utah Employees

Perks: Unlimited PTO, weekly guided meditation, extended holidays, 401k match, wellness program, HSA contribution, profit sharing, birthday lunches, and free massages.

What employees are saying: “Management is always encouraging and appreciative of the work we put in. They always take time to say thank you and acknowledge employee efforts on both a personal level and company wide. We love the shout outs we get highlighting all the good things that happened each week. Everyone shares in our success!”

GPS Capital Markets

Financial Services | South Jordan, UT | 63 Utah Employees

Perks: 401k match, cell phone reimbursement, gym membership, competitive health plans, family activities, internship program, Pizza Wednesdays, and mountain biking outings.

What employees are saying: “Al and Ryan, the original founders, are all about giving every employee an opportunity to grow. Every department works together to determine how to best move the company forward, and everyone is willing to help one another. All executives put a lot of trust in their employees and give them as many leadership opportunities as possible.”

Groove Entertainment

Entertainment | Salt Lake City, UT | 65 Utah Employees

Perks: Flexible work hours, gift card incentives, stocked snack bar, quarterly events, and 401k match.

What employees are saying: “Groove has been growing at a substantial rate but has still preserved their Silicon Valley-like culture. I’ve never worked for a company where people are so ecstatic to come into the office. The flexibility and freedom here is unparalleled to what I have experienced in the traditional corporate world. Groove is an all-around incredible place to work, I would highly recommend it to anyone.”


Information Technology and Services | South Jordan, UT | 34 Utah Employees

Perks: Unlimited PTO, onsite professional chef, Waffle Fridays, paid family gym membership, free concealed carry permit classes, and Lake Wednesday boating opportunities.

What employees are saying: “The culture is key at JourneyTEAM. Everyone feels valued, important, and is regarded as part of the ‘family.’ Where else can you wake up early and go to the lake as part of the team to come back in time for late morning meetings and it’s encouraged?! I have worked for large corporations and it’s refreshing to work at a company where honesty, openness, and accountability are practiced daily.”

Kodiak Cakes

Food & Beverage | Park City, UT | 48 Utah Employees

Perks: “Bear Bucks” to spend on outdoor gear or recreation, 401k match, extended parental leave, early out Fridays, company equity, company retreats, free pancakes every day, remote work options, in-house mountain bikes, self-managed PTO, and bereavement leave.

What employees are saying: “The company is growing rapidly, which means adding lots of jobs. We try to find people internally to move to new roles. Sometimes we need to bring someone in but we always try to develop people into new roles and most of the time it’s possible. In addition to new jobs, the growth we have allows people to progress in their roles, and often that means becoming managers and having direct reports. This is such a great place to develop management skills and grow with the company.”


Wireless | Kaysville, UT | 48 Utah Employees

Perks: Paid gym membership, game room, 401k contribution, tuition reimbursement, seasonal family parties, flexible wellness program, fully stocked break room, and  flexible work schedules.

What employees are saying: “I have been with OptConnect for a little over a month. They have a culture like no other company I have worked for. They strongly believe in work-life balance and people enjoy going to work. There is never a dull moment and the awesome team and positive culture are driven from the top down. They also offer health club memberships and create opportunities to celebrate successes as a team. I am thrilled to be here.”


Computer Software | Draper, UT | 67 Utah Employees

Perks: Catered Tuesday lunches, 401k match, fully covered health and dental insurance, family parties, flexible work schedule, meditation breaks, free LinkedIn Learning accounts, and standing desks.

What employees are saying: “The culture here is the best I’ve ever seen or ever heard of. It’s unlike any place I’ve ever worked in this regard. The environment is just so positive. There is no office drama, politics, or any negativity, which in my experience, is unheard of. From the top down, it is the best work environment I could imagine.”

TestOut Corporation

Computer Software | Pleasant Grove, UT | 91 Utah Employees

Perks: Lagoon Day, 401k match, community service days, paid company vacation to Thailand, fully covered medical benefits, and bowling outings.

What employees are saying: “TestOut is taking myself and my wife on an (almost) all-expenses paid 10-day trip to Thailand in November. I don’t even have to use my regular vacation days to participate. TestOut regularly gives cash bonuses to every employee, and holds special parties several times a year (including two that are for all employees and their families). Employees routinely are given the day after the biggest company parties off from work to “recover.” There is a special company 5k race, a bike ride, and a hike. This is all in addition to occasional surprise perks like when a taco truck came to visit last week in celebration of a record sales month. It’s also above and beyond the company already providing excellent medical/dental, retirement, and PTO benefits.”

Medium Companies

Access Development

Marketing & Advertising | Salt Lake City, UT | 148 Utah Employees

Perks: Flexible and remote work schedule, 401k match, yoga classes, casual dress code, Think Fit Thursdays, standing desks, quarterly birthday parties, Donut Tuesdays, annual 5k, and Salsa and Zumba classes.

What employees are saying: “The culture at Access is more like an extended family than a workplace. We value each other for their personalities and their skills to work together to accomplish a common goal. Our company also emphasizes the importance of a work-life balance and believe that the employees are the most important part of the company. The general feeling here makes me want to come to work everyday and focus to get my job done the best I can.”


Health, Wellness, & Fitness | Pleasant Grove, UT | 150 Utah Employees

Perks: Profit sharing, fitness rebates, remote work days, tuition reimbursement, quarterly massages, Advancing Life Foundation expeditions, and a ping-pong table.

What employees are saying: “This is one of the best companies I have ever worked for. The culture is warm and inviting and creative. This allows the environment to be one that does not become paranoid and controlling. I look forward to being at work and being around the people at work here. I love telling people about where I work and what we are doing.”


Computer Software | Lindon, UT | 365 Utah Employees

Perks: Vacation stipend, 401k match, flexible and remote work schedules, fully paid maternity leave, birthday PTO, and HSA match.

What employees are saying: “BambooHR invests in the growth of everyone through training leaders to help provide that growth, regular employee assessments that offer feedback of what they need, and cross-department expectations that are clearly outlined to not only show what it takes to do well in your role but to also be exceptional in it.”

Brainstorm, Inc.

Computer Software | American Fork, UT | 126 Utah Employees

Perks: Regular team activities, community service opportunities, company Lagoon day, 401k match, ski passes, holiday PTO, BOOM Campaign, casual dress code, parental leave, and Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University reimbursement.

What employees are saying: “I feel like the company wants me to become the best version of myself possible, both professionally and personally. They provide money to each team to be allocated to employees for learning and development and see that as a priority for the employees and the business.”

Foursight Capital

Financial Services | Salt Lake City, UT | 135 Utah Employees

Perks: Monthly pizza days, family days out, free Fitbit and fitness incentives, free Yeti cooler, free parking, flexible work schedule, casual dress code, and commuter compensation.

What employees are saying: “I love the dynamic here. I look forward to work and seeing everyone. The managers are very approachable and get to know you. I love the environment and even color scheme in our building. It’s inviting and bright!”

G&A Partners

Human Resources | Sandy, UT; South Jordan, UT | 48 Utah Employees

Perks: Flexible work schedule, gym memberships, monthly massages, recreation room, paid floating holidays, birthday PTO, health coaching, Costco/Sam’s Club membership reimbursements, and HSA contributions.

What employees are saying: “Very fun atmosphere. Although it can be very stressful at times, the teamwork and comradery ensures everything gets taken care of. We have monthly massage day, and eat together in the break room. There’s always an opponent for ping-pong or shuffle board.”

Landmark Home Warranty

Insurance | South Jordan, UT | 136 Utah Employees

Perks: Paid parental leave, tuition reimbursement, 401k match, discounted gym membership, flexible work schedule, HSA, Cafe Landmark, and birthday PTO.

What employees are saying: “I play ping-pong with my management team. Seriously, the transparency is something I have never seen before. I feel a deep, sincere trust for those in charge, because they have shown time and time again that there is nothing that they would feel comfortable hiding from us.”

LGCY Power

Renewable & Environment | Lehi, UT | 53 Utah Employees

Perks: Flexible work schedule, self-managed PTO, snack room, paid parental leave, casual dress code, and stock options.

What employees are saying: “It’s a very open space with wonderful open communication. The culture is competitive, yet supportive, with managerial attempts to create incentives around good performance. It’s casual and laid-back, yet complete with driving forces that allow your ambition to be fulfilled.”


Computer Software | South Jordan, UT | 337 Utah Employees

Perks: Rock climbing wall, UTA passes, annual company retreat, 401k match, HSA contributions, annual hackathon, flexible hours, sabbatical, and catered lunches.

What employees are saying: “I love that we are so inclusive. As a woman working in tech, I can tell you that Lucid has created the most diversity-friendly environment I have ever experienced. Thank you for making me feel welcome and for allowing me to bring my voice to the table.”

Prime Holdings Insurance Services

Insurance | Sandy, UT | 122 Utah Employees

Perks: Onsite fitness facilities, complimentary healthy snacks, flexible work schedule, team outings, HRA reimbursement, free spa days, standing desks, self-help book club, and every day is jeans day.

What employees are saying: “I am able to be myself at work. I work with genuine caring professionals. We have a book club that focuses on books that boosts leadership skills. The management team has an open door policy and when we walk into their office, they stop what they’re doing to help us. The CEO reaches out to us directly and tells us we are doing a great job. I truly love working here.”


Computer Software | St. George, UT | 128 Utah Employees

Perks: Vacation stipend, flexible work schedule, 401k match, catered lunches, community service and birthday PTO, discount cell phone plans, and quarterly offsite team activities.

What employees are saying: “The culture is unlike any other. Though we live in a smaller community, St. George, we still seek out only the best employees, and we aren’t afraid to bring people here to see if they are the right fit. We bring in some amazing people, and other times a person might not be the right fit, but we’re happy to help them move into the next phase of their career. This company bleeds support for it’s employees, even the ones departing.”


Information Technology and Services | Salt Lake City, UT | 31 Utah Employees

Perks: Unlimited PTO, stock options, 401k match, commuter program, remote schedules, training opportunities and certification incentives, technology stipend, uncapped commission, and paid volunteer hours.

What employees are saying: “Simplus does a great job of supporting my certification efforts, they even have an in-house program where, if we get certain certifications that pertain to our jobs, we get a bonus or a base pay increase, on top of them paying for the test and training.”

Squire & Company

Accounting | Orem, UT; Salt Lake City, UT | 129 Utah Employees

Perks: Flexible work schedule, 401k match, paid maternity leave, wellness support, HSA contributions, 120 hours of PTO per year, CPA exam bonus, onsite soft skills training, and the Women Improving Professionally (WIP) program.

What employees are saying: “I love my job. I tell everyone. In all the places I have worked over my life and professional career, this one is the best! I am acknowledged for my contributions and accomplishments and have the support and encouragement of everyone I work with. You are encouraged to be creative, think outside the box. I am happy to come to work every day, but also am encouraged to take time off here and there to stay on top of me.”

Tanner LLC

Accounting | Salt Lake City, UT | 132 Utah Employees

Perks: Unlimited time off, 401k and HSA contributions, Disneyland trips, CPA compensation, and a flexible work schedule.

What employees are saying: “Out of any company I have worked for, Tanner’s culture stands out as the best. The employees are genuine and willing to do what they can to help out. The partners understand personal issues and will work hard to help you in anyway possible. Each day you leave work happy because the company treats you well.”

Traeger Grills

Consumer Goods | Salt Lake City, UT | 155 Utah Employees

Perks: Employee discounts, ski passes, golf passes, BBQ classes, arcade games, flexible work schedules, 401k match, open PTO, catered lunches, profit sharing, and a dog-friendly workplace.

What employees are saying: “It cannot be overstated how much Traeger values and encourages a healthy and culture both from within the company and our consumer’s communities. Our brand is built around the culture of food which is all about bringing people together and enjoying the company around you.”


Health, Wellness, & Fitness | Lehi, UT | 140 Utah Employees

Perks: Unlimited PTO, leadership development program, profit sharing, free running shoes, HSA and 401k contribution, Harry Potter Month, gym membership, wellness reimbursement, and monthly catered recess breaks.

What employees are saying: “The culture and environment for Xyngular is the best I have ever encountered. I got to personally meet the executive team and they are very friendly and consistently wander the building to say hello to everyone. We have a monthly recess where a treat or a meal is provided to celebrate birthdays for the month. We also have a choice of outside games to choose from to get out of the office for a while. We celebrate Harry Potter month and throughout the year we participate in mini activities to keep us motivated.”

Large Companies

Academy Mortgage Corporation

Financial Services | Salt Lake City, UT | 753 Utah Employees

Perks: In house fitness center, onsite yoga classes, community service PTO, onsite staff counseling, competitive health insurance, parental leave, food truck Wednesdays, maternity clothing reimbursement, and breast milk shipping.

What employees are saying: “I love the positive support and encouragement we get. Management doesn’t expect more from you than they’re willing to do themselves. Management and even corporate officers physically help on projects, as well as take the time to greet or acknowledge all employees, treating us as equals. I love that they’re very approachable and take the time to listen. They really care about our personal happiness.”


Computer Software | American Fork, UT | 591 Utah Employees

Perks: HSA and 401k contributions, catered lunches, maternity shopping stipend, paid parental leave, Roth IRA option, technology stipend, onsite dental and immunization, fertility benefits, and flexible work schedules.

What employees are saying: “The culture of Domo is awesome. They are proactively working to create a more diverse mix of employees. Any employee at any level can share their ideas with the executive team at anytime. The culture is very family oriented, welcoming, and supportive.”

Health Catalyst

Information Technology and Services | Salt Lake City, UT | 392 Utah Employees

Perks: Unlimited PTO, 401k match, fitness reimbursement, paid parental leave, fully covered health insurance, tuition reimbursement, stock options, onsite gym, ISP reimbursement, and transit reimbursement.

What employees are saying: “The company leadership cares deeply for the growth and development of every employee, not only in work-related areas, but in personal growth as well. They realize that we are people, and our lives outside of working hours are important, and they support and encourage us to live as well as work.”


Financial Services | Draper, UT | 900 Utah Employees

Perks: HSA and 401k match, free snow cone Fridays, wellness incentives, stock options, FSA accounts, tuition reimbursement, and a culture club.

What employees are saying: “What attracted me to HealthEquity is the “Lunch and Learn” program wherein employees and the occasional external guest host a learning course over the lunch hour. Classes are held twice per week, offer at least three different class options over business and technical tracks, and are catered at the company’s expense. Topics may range from business skills development, to software development and technologies, to watercolor painting. Every class offers direction and intent, to better develop technical, business, and/or personal wellness.”


Information Technology and Services | Cottonwood Heights, UT; Salt Lake City, UT | 800 Utah Employees

Perks: Fully covered health insurance, HSA contribution, fitness reimbursement, company equity, paid parental leave, dependent care benefits, complimentary snacks, tuition reimbursement, onsite showers, and bike lockers.

What employees are saying: “I’ve never worked for a company that does such a great job of identifying and fostering top performers. I’m currently visiting our London office and the number of Americans working over here, as well as international folks who have worked in the US. and other offices is amazing. Great focus on growth and development.”


Information Technology and Services | Salt Lake City, UT | 148 Utah Employees

Perks: Free parking, UTA passes, 401k match, pet insurance, flexible work schedules, remote work options, and onsite breastfeeding facilities.

What employees are saying: “Movement opportunities in the company are plentiful and encouraged. As part of the weekly newsletter, they celebrate and announce employees who have shifted titles or departments.”


Information Technology and Services | Farmington, UT | 770 Utah Employees

Perks: Unlimited PTO, fully covered family health, dental and vision insurance, 401k match, onsite massages, parental leave, UTA pass discount, wellness reimbursement, and company equity.

What employees are saying: “This is the first company that I have worked for that I see a future in. I love what they stand for and that they actually make it a priority to remember their values. They frequently refer back to them in meetings and brainstorm how to move the company further along and more in line with the values.”

Progressive Leasing LLC

Financial Services | Draper, UT | 1000 Utah Employees

Perks: Tuition reimbursement, birthday PTO, transit reimbursement, flexible work schedule, onsite gym, Lagoon day, quarterly team outings, 401k match, community service PTO, and very soft toilet paper.

What employees are saying: “My management team has been very supportive from the day I started. They see potential in everyone and they provide opportunities for improvements and then promotion. They listen to us as we voice our concerns and they take action. We have focus groups that let them know what we are seeing and what their employees’ concerns are. They really focus on employee engagement and I think every company should have this same type of committee.”

Pure Storage

Computer Software | Salt Lake City, UT | 195 Utah Employees

Perks: Fully covered healthcare premiums and life insurance, unlimited PTO, catered meals, paid parental leave, stock options, arcade, nap room, annual ski trip, and family picnics.

What employees are saying: “Sometimes, the best thing that can be said is that after time off, the first day back is something to look forward to. Not just the activity itself, but the culture. It is not a constant party, we take our work seriously, but there is a pacing to it that keeps the stress levels in proper perspective. Teamwork and collaboration are heavily emphasized and performance metrics are not designed in such a way that one would ever need to hesitate to work with a colleague on a challenge.”


Insurance | Murray, UT | 1,517 Utah Employees

Perks: Flexible work schedule, pension plan, HSA and 401k match, pet insurance, annual raises, onsite gym, parental leave, tuition reimbursement, and free fruit Wednesdays.

What employees are saying: “I feel SelectHealth really embodies their mission and values and that the focus is really on helping our members. I have been impressed with the professionalism at SelectHealth. Whether it is working within my own team or with other departments, I am always treated with respect and professionalism. I also do not see any backbiting or bickering. Differences of opinions are discussed with respect and professionalism.”


Computer Software | Lehi, UT | 555 Utah Employees

Perks: Unlimited PTO, flexible work schedules, stock options, 401k match, gym reimbursement, cell phone reimbursement, free food truck Fridays, pet insurance, paid parental leave, and free golf passes.

What employees are saying: “The culture at Workfront is amazing. The people care, it’s easy to befriend those around you, and departments actually work towards being collaborative vs. segmented. This place isn’t for those looking for just a job, but a place they want to build a career.”

Young Automotive Group

Automotive | Brigham City, UT; Layton, UT; Morgan, UT; Ogden, UT; South Ogden, UT | 742 Utah Employees

Perks: Flexible work schedules, life counseling, retirement planning, 401k match, use of the shop for personal vehicles, HSA contributions, pet insurance, and employee discounts.

What employees are saying: “I love this company and am proud to be a part of it. Our core values are more than just words on a card that we all carry. Our core values are the driving force behind everything we do for our customers and our employees. This is an incredible company to be a part of.”

Massive Companies

America First Credit Union

Financial Services | Salt Lake City, UT | 2,890 Utah Employees

Perks: Identity theft recovery services, pension, tuition assistance program, employee discounts, paid holidays, flexible work schedules, 401k, semi-annual bonuses, and pension plans.

What employees are saying: “We are always growing and there is almost always opportunity for advancement. ‘If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change’ applies to chances to move up in the company. Emails go out on a consistent basis with openings within the company, and more often than not there are positions posted that would be an upward movement.”

ARUP Laboratories

Hospital & Healthcare | Salt Lake City, UT | 4,000 Utah Employees

Perks: Free onsite family clinic, onsite gym, profit sharing, onsite childcare, tuition reimbursement, quarterly incentives, ability to donate or cash out PTO, fully covered health, dental, and vision insurance.

What employees are saying: “I have always felt tremendous support from upper management to meet my goals and stretch beyond my abilities. I love how ARUP has so many different departments, both technical and non-technical, that offer exciting chances to enhance education and try different types of jobs.”

Dell EMC

Information Technology | Draper, UT | 1,200 Utah Employees

Perks: 401k, tuition and certification reimbursement, six weeks paid parental leave, fertility coverage, onsite fitness center and wellness coach, arcade room, paid military leave, bicycling reimbursement, adoption assistance, and pet insurance.

What employees are saying: “I’m impressed by the willingness to hire more senior employees, along with the recruitment of military veterans. And there are always new employees from college or people looking to change vocations that help add good variety. Culture is a big factor and having everyone feel included is a big push.”

Edwards Lifesciences

Medical Devices | Draper, UT | 1,050 Utah Employees

Perks: Wellness activities, 401k match, onsite credit union, onsite fitness center, onsite nurses, onsite cafe, stock purchase program, annual bonus, pet insurance, and free family counselling.

What employees are saying: “The culture of Edwards is top-notch. The focus on patients drives decision-making and keeps the business focused on our true customers. It is a great feeling to know we are improving the quality of life of patients around the world on a daily basis. The Edwards team is fun to work with as we have many driven, focused, and creative colleagues who are always challenging the status quo.”

Extra Space Storage

Real Estate | Salt Lake City, UT | 428 Utah Employees

Perks: Three months paid parental leave, 401k and HSA match, onsite gym, certification incentives, flexible work schedules, fitness reimbursement, storage discount, community service PTO, and company social events.

What employees are saying: “The culture is wonderful here. Extra Space does not only care about me as an employee, but my family as well. They host a family event in the summer that my kids love. I love the always full snack drawer and coffee machine. Leadership knows their people and the work that is going on. Prior organizations I’ve worked with had leadership that were far less involved and out of touch, not the case at Extra Space!”

Fidelity Investments

Financial Services | Orem, UT; Salt Lake City, UT | 1,800 Utah Employees

Perks: Certification incentives, 401k match, profit sharing, tuition reimbursement, parental leave, fitness reimbursement, free parking, charitable giving, adoption assistance, and student loan repayment assistance.

What employees are saying: “Fidelity’s values align with my own. I’m inspired by the noble work we do every day to help others achieve meaningful life goals (retirement, home purchase, education, etc.). I’ve also never been in a closed door meeting where the topic discussed would make me feel uncomfortable if a customer was present. Many firms say they put customers first, Fidelity really means it.”


Management Consulting | Lehi, UT | 28 Utah Employees

Perks: Flexible work schedules, certification reimbursement, onsite gym, cell phone reimbursement, HSA and 401k match, legal assistance, adoption assistance, and backup child care assistance.

What employees are saying: “Protiviti allows me the opportunities to look for ways to grow personally and professionally. The collaborative environment helps me feel like others have an interest in my success.”


Computer Software | Draper, UT | 512 Utah Employees

Perks: Paid parental leave, unlimited time off, 401k match, 80 percent company paid medical premiums, free Lifelock and Norton Antivirus, 401k, onsite fitness center, tuition reimbursement, and stock purchase options.

What employees are saying: “The company culture here is fantastic. I have not worked at a company with better culture. The managers care about you and your development and go out of their way to help you achieve your goals. Everyone seems to get along and be friends to some degree. During my two and a half years here I have not seen anyone that just didn’t work out with the rest of the team and I know the culture here is the reason why.”

Vivint Smart Home

Consumer Electronics | Provo, UT | 3,831 Utah Employees

Perks: Onsite medical clinic, unlimited PTO, 401k match, flexible work schedules, free lunch, volunteer opportunities, onsite gym and basketball court, electric car charging stations, and local discounts.

What employees are saying: “The management and employees all care for each other. The company always makes sure you feel welcome and loved in everything you do. We have a cafe and every eight hours we work we get a meal ticket which covers a meal from the cafe. We have great incentives for working hard. There are so many benefits it’s hard to name them all.”

Young Living Essential Oils

Health, Wellness, and Fitness | Lehi, UT | 2,600 Utah Employees

Perks: Employee discounts, semi-annual bonuses, four week paid sabbatical, family days, 401k match, HSA contributions, profit sharing, yoga and cycle classes, and profit sharing.

What employees are saying: “Young Living is a very family- and service-oriented company. I am always excited to tell people I work for them. They provide great products to millions of people around the world. I always feel at home when I come to work, and my boss goes out of her way to have conversations with me and make sure I’m doing well.”

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Lindsay Bicknell is the project coordinator for Utah Business magazine. A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, she graduated from Miami University of Oxford with a degree in communications. She has a background in television, print, and web media, as well as public relations and event planning. As a transplant to Salt Lake City, she can't get enough of the mountains and loves snowboarding.