SeekWell unveils vision care revolution as parent company of 1-800 Contacts and subsidiaries

Photo by Tom S. | Unsplash

SeekWell, the newly announced parent company of 1-800 Contacts, has officially unveiled its corporate identity today as a consolidation of the renowned vision care brand and its various subsidiaries. SeekWell aims to streamline the vision care experience, offering a range of services including contact lenses, eyewear, telemedicine and more. This strategic move comes as a step toward accommodating the company’s expanding scope within the vision care industry while preserving the distinct identity and purpose of each of its entities.

“To a large degree, this gives a name to something we’ve been about for years,” says SeekWell CEO John Graham. “The 1-800 Contacts name screams contact lenses, but we’ve made investments and built expertise in serving all aspects of vision correction for years now. For example, we also sell glasses, provide at-home vision exams, and service a number of other companies in the vision space with a B2B offering. SeekWell is a name that fits our broader business and creates a roadmap for the next phase of our growth.”

With the inception of SeekWell, the company endeavors to provide a cohesive platform for its subsidiaries to flourish while fostering a unified approach to enhance customer experience and accessibility in the field of vision care. Under the SeekWell umbrella, the conglomerate will encompass its flagship brand 1-800 Contacts, alongside other subsidiaries like Hello Eyes and Luna, marking a significant step toward consolidating its diverse services under a single overarching entity. The parent brand seeks to reinforce the values that have been integral to 1-800 Contacts’ success, emphasizing a commitment to customer-centric solutions, technological innovation and fostering a collaborative and supportive work culture.

“When 1-800 Contacts was founded, consumers had almost no ability to shop for contact lenses. Over the years, we’ve invested in giving consumers choice and affordability, even helping to pass federal legislation that gave consumers the right to their own prescription,” says 1-800 Contacts President Phil Bienert. “The heart of our business is making vision correction simple and affordable in an industry set on making things expensive and complicated. We started with contacts in the United States and have expanded to glasses and vision exams in the U.S. and around the world. Everything we do starts with an unmet customer need, and then we work backward to create solutions to fit those needs.”

With its roots firmly planted in Utah, SeekWell takes pride in its pioneering role within the state’s tech landscape and its continuous commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize the vision care industry.

“We were a leader in technology in Utah before anyone had heard about Silicon Slopes and we continue to innovate in ways most people locally don’t even realize,” Graham says. “People think of us as a phone number where you can buy contacts. We use the latest technologies—generative AI, machine learning, computer vision, etc.—to make a big difference in the world. Hopefully, this parent brand opens people’s minds to the tremendous impact Utahns are having on the world. Our company is perennially named one of the best places to work because we solve interesting problems, take care of our customers and genuinely enjoy one another as we do so.”

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